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pinhole auloma
Welcome to Auloma
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pinhole large format 4x5
Pinhole Camera Magnificat 4x5
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Camera Straps
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pinhole auloma curva-45
Pinhole Camera CURVA-45

Pinhole cameras, camera filters and camera straps, discover the Auloma world

Auloma produces pinhole cameras, camera filters and leather camera straps for all kinds of camera. All our products are manufactured according our quality standards where all parts and all process still anchored to craftmaship Italian tradition. Our philosophy is manufacturing goods where beauty, reliability and technology are mixed together to provide unique good for our customers. Each day our efforts are oriented to create icons over all season.

When a shot becomes an art object

The most exaltation of analogue photography

Pinhole Cameras For Every Need

pinhole camera

Pinhole developed for maximum creative freedom

Auloma proposes a range of cameras for different photographic sets: landscapes, portraiture, wide-angle and other artistic situations, thanks to cameras with different focal measures dimensioned for a specific use.

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Camera filters

Camera filters for wide angle photography

Camera filters, how increase tone and contrast in black and white photographs.

pinhole photo taken with filter

Camera filters made in resin for wide angle photography

Pinhole photography is often appreciate for wide angle photographs quality executed on 6x12, 6x17 and 4x5 formats. Photographers use frequently black and white films when shot pinhole photos, this because a black and white photograph doesn't rapresent the reality, but is an alchemy of different grey tones that inspire our emotions, so this is a perfect union with pinhole photography. The use of black and white filters become therfore essential to accentuate tones and contrastes in your shots.
Auloma is the unique company that supply a complete kit composed of wide filters and filter holders usable on wide angle pinhole cameras 6x12, 6x17 and 4x5, this doesn't means that can't be used also on digital or analog cameras equipped with a filter holder compatible. Thanks to the use of our methacrylathe resin obtained through laminating process, our filters own a constant thickness, in this way don't occur refraction problems and not least our filters are offered at competitive prices.

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Leather camera straps

The best Italian leather straps for all kinds of camera

Leather camera straps, how to combine beauty with safety.

neck camera strap

Leather camera straps handmade

In Auloma's D.N.A. you can find the charcter of the Italian stile that join items such as beauty, innovative design, technology, reliability and craftmanship. All camera straps are handmade included all seam to provide goods very tough capable to resist at all stress possible. Our camera strap are made in ultra soft Italian cowhide, obtained by vegetal tanning and coloured by old and natural process.

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Show your sensitivity through photography

Image honesty without electronic mediation

Tricks and Secrets to shot photos with pinhole cameras

pinhole learning

The auloma guides on analogue photography

Auloma offers a section dedicated to the learning of techniques useful to engage in analog photography. This information ranges from photographic techniques to post-production such as development techniques.
Then read our guides on how to take analogue photographs using pinhole cameras in the best possible way.

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A countercurrent choice

Auloma Pinhole, how to be alternative in gestures becoming banal by contemporaneity

Attaphoto Magazine

attaphoto magazine

Articles and curiosities about analogue photography

During the year, Attaphoto Magazine presents the shots taken by photographers who own an Auloma pinhole and are registered with the social group Flickr ®"Pinhole auloma customers photos". Within the pages of Attaphoto Magazine, readers will find in-depth tests of Auloma products, as well as ancillary equipment, technical reports on pinhole and analog photography in general, interesting tips for users, exclusive reports and much more.

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Unique photographs, like every beat of your heart

Witnessing moments of life through an instrument that captures the poetry that surrounds you

News by Auloma

auloma news

Keep in touch about news and events by Auloma

In addition to the newsletter dedicated to subscribers to our e-commerce site www.attaphoto.com you can access the section dedicated to news on auloma products and commercial initiatives dedicated to its products on this site. Stay updated and visit our news:

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