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From industrial automation to pinhole cameras

a philosophy that combines tradition and innovation

Who we are, Auloma's philosophy

Auloma, Aulomacolor and attaphoto are three trademarks of Auloma Holding S.r.l., a company specialised in pinhole cameras and camera filters. In the past, thanks to its commitment in industrial assembly processes, Auloma become the holder of micromechanical solutions developed to manufacture components for watchmaking and dental prostheses, among these solutions pinhole optics have been developed for special applications. This experience combined with the passion for photography led the owner of Auloma to create the first in a large series of pinhole cameras called "CURVA-45", a pinhole camera with innovative solutions thanks to the use of composite materials, which results revolutionary compared to the usual wooden pinhole camera available on the market. This philosophy, which combines tradition and innovation, is the distinguishing feature of all Auloma products. Now Auloma's core busines is focused only on pinhole cameras and camera filters for photographers. True to this principle, the marketing of Auloma cameras and Aulomacolor filters are also done solely through its latest creation, the online platform attaphoto an e-commerce site developed and dedicated to sale online pinhole cameras and camera filters.

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