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Pinhole photography best practices

How to take easily pictures with a pinhole camera

Auloma's tips how to take pictures with a pinhole camera

If you reading this page, maybe you are a lover of analogue photography or maybe you are intrigued by this type of photographic technique very different than offered by digital photography. Stenopeic photography is not based by a lot of pixels to compose an immage and is not supported by complex lighting and color management software controls such as a digital camera. Stenopeic photography has no compromises, it is the magic of the light that surrounds you and through its energy carries the image of the world it has illuminated, this magic is captured by a banal and tiny hole. With pinhole photography it will be your eye and your sensitivity to perceive the image that will be immortalized by the pinhole camera. Pinhole camera hasn't any screens in your aid that show you the image of the photo that will be taken, you are alone with your subject. Sensitivity and perception are the basis of art and are part of you, so through our shared resources on this site you can find techniques to emphasize your artistic sensitivity as a photographer.

pinhole photography

It's the magic of the light of what surrounds you

Sensitivity and perception are the basis of art