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Hi-tech pinhole cameras manufactured with craftsmanship

Wisdom and mastery in the treatment of composite and valuable materials

Where it all began

Auloma is based in the province of Bologna in Italy, this place is not accidental in the history of pinhole. The mathematician and astronomer Giandomenico Cassini, in 1655, realized in the basilica of Bologna a pinhole sundial, this instrument revealed to the whole world the effective duration of one year and to obtain with this discovery other important results such as: a new determination of the obliquity of the ecliptic, 23°29'15", only 22" higher than the real one, and new measures of refraction (i.e. the deviation that the light of a star undergoes as it crosses the atmosphere that showing the star higher above the horizon), which were used for over a century. The sundial is very accurate, in fact until today it is possible to use the sundial of the basilica of Bologna to adjust the clock that you wear on your wrist. These discoveries have led to the development for centuries in the territory of Bologna of an artisan ability in the construction of sundials regulated by pinhole holes, later transformed into the construction of pinhole cameras and view camera. A classic example of this extraordinary craftsmanship expressed by the workers of the Bologna area is the legendary Ducati Sogno ® camera. Now as it was then, this tradition continues in the Auloma pinhole cameras.

Attention to detail and use of high-strength composed materials

Emilia Romagna, land of engines. In this part of Italy are manufactured the most famous luxury sports cars in the world. The founder of Auloma began his working career at Lamborghini Automobili, in that factory although still young he learned the philosophy needed to produce unique objects desirable by many enthusiasts. This philosophy is based on attention to detail, the perfect manufacture of parts, offer an attractive design and the use of quality materials with high mechanical performance. The result is hi-tech pinhole cameras made with craftsmanship and high quality details. Our pinhole cameras are a reliable product with innovative technical solutions that ensure a long service life. Each camera is individually tested to give you the maximum guarantee of reliability about our products.