Industrie Paris 2016 Exhibition

Auloma present at Saphy & Flextools stall

From 4 to 8 April 2016 was be held in Paris the fair Industrie Paris, dedicated to the production technologies. Auloma was be present at the stand R-102 on its partner for France PMER Machine Outile. At the event was be revealed to the public the new M2211 servo press that thanks to its innovative positioning system allows press fit operations with an error of ±3 microns of millimeter. The exhibition will be an occasion to confirm the leading of Auloma's servo presses in the micro assembly technology. Once again, the Auloma booth was be the exhibition's de facto hub for press fit solution and process monitoring. Particularly in the market of fully electric press, Auloma is the only automation provider in the world with a complete solution based on Siemens ® that meets the key industry requirements of higher precision and efficiency". The new M2211 press exhibit in PMER stall shows the high quality standards of Auloma's presses produced for the assembling market.

Servo Press M2211 machine for micro assembling

Servo Press M2211

The Best Servo Press for Force VS Displacement signature in the world showed at Industrie Paris 2016

Auloma shows at Industrie Paris 2016 the high precision servo press M2211. This device is developed to provide an extreme accuracy in the ram positioning. Thanks to the stiffness preloaded nut the ball screw don't straggling the force by the elastic deformations and any minimal force variation though the force sensor is captured and analysed by the process monitoring. The piezoelectric force sensor is mounted in the ram edge in the force path to have a direct force mesurement. But to be precise in micro assembly this is not enough. To have a ram positioning included in a range of ±3 µm. Auloma has developed a system to have a direct measurement of the ram in cloosed loop. Thanks to the servo press M2211 is possible monitoring the compressive process in run and seek the defects or the process abnormalities in micro assembly, and thus stops defects immediately before they could becoming a quality issue.

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Servo Press M2211 modules for micro assembling

Pressing Monitoring APM-SI

The Superlative Process Monitoring at Industrie Paris 2016 Exhibition

At Industrie Paris 2016 Exhibition inside the PMER stall will be possible see and test our superlative process monitoring APM-SI. The APM-SI is the best process monitoring available on the market developed on Siemens ® hardware platform. The software run in the Servo Drive PLC and the set-up is executed trough a PC Tool Kit. The system is totally affordable and the data analysis can be saved in a hosted PC. Through to the PC Tool Kit is also possible see graphs, results and process history. The APM hardware is on robust Servo PLC Siemens ® and is available in different configurations to control until 4 servo presses continuously. The use of a built-in PLC provide faster analysis of the pressing process in Real Time. For more info visit our

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APM-SI Pressing Process Monitoring


Salon Industrie Paris 2016

Auloma at Saphy & Flextools stall