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pinhole camera 135 auloma curva 45

Pinhole Camera 135 Auloma

When through the photography you love the soul of images

Pinhole camera 135 CURVA-45 changes the rules of pinhole photography

As Auloma's standard, the pinhole camera CURVA-45 provides an extraordinary mix of innovation and tradition with the ease of handling typical of the CURVA cameras range. This is the ideal solution for photographers that looking to an alternative with more advanced standards than the classic wooden pinhole cameras. Compactness, strength, reliability and the new system to space the film, supply greater certainties to photographers who are passionate about pinhole photography. The pinhole lens of CURVA-45 camera allow excellent light acquisition, which means more defined details with greater acuteness. The CURVA-45 pinhole camera has a focal length of 46mm and is particularly suitable for detail, close-up and portrait photography. With Curva-45 the risk of photos with overexposure spots from inlet stray light is almost zero, thanks to its black camera "BEAM CUT" light reflections are eliminated at the source and can't spoil the photograph. This to shot great quality pinhole photo.

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pinhole shot

Auloma CURVA-45 is much more than just a pinhole

Beyond the limits of pinhole photography

Pinhole Auloma CURVA-45 cute design and innovative technologies

pinhole curva-45 by auloma

Film feed system with constant tension

pinhole film feed

In the pinhole camera Auloma CURVA-45 the film feed system has a mechanism that makes it irreversible and therefore only allows the film to be wound, keeping it always under tension on the anti-scratch rails. This system eliminates the risk of film retraction even after a long period of camera inactivity, keeping the film tensioned and ready to shoot your photos. Once all the images available on the film are finished, the feed system locks and thanks to a disengagement mechanism the film can be rewind.

Constant image spacing for 36 actual photos

pinhole film immage spaced

The Auloma CURVA-45 is the only pinhole on the market that allows on small-format 135 films, to space of 2mm each image. Thanks to the image feed indicator, you can be sure that the film is 36mm advanced from the previous exposure with the addition of 2 mm to create a gap to the next one. With our system you have the possibility of fully exploiting the length of the film and actually obtaining the number of possible images according to the capacity of the film.

Film loaded easily

pinhole film load

In the pinhole CURVA-45, the film loading system is comparable to the loading systems of conventional analog cameras. The winding roller is equipped with a slot for inserting the tab of the film where at the base there is a tooth for dragging the film through its perforations. With this system the film is perfectly secured to the feed system, so it will be enough to insert the film tab in the slot with the care that a perforated hole in the film is inserted into the tooth and then wrap, nothing easier and safer.

Lensless image acquisition system

pinhole lens

Auloma has developed a system to drill brass sheets of 100µm (0.0039"), this thickness is optimized for the 24x36mm format used by the CURVA-45. Drilling a thin sheets, on which a anti glare oxidation treatment is performed, allows a perfect management of the light, giving well defined photos.

Doveltail Joint Shutter

pinhole doveltail joint shutter

The CURVA-45 pinhole camera allows easy opening and closing of the pinhole through a dovetail joint shutter made of composite material with a low friction to allow openings and closures without impediments and reducing the risk of moving the camera when take a picture. The shutter is provided with a mechanical stop in opening and closing positions, assisted by magnetic blocks that have the ability to guarantee its opening position even for long exposures. In addition to the magnet, the shutter is equipped with a mechanical screw stop to secure it in the closed position when the camera is transported or unused, this preventing accidental opening that could allow inlet the light into the camera through the pinhole.

Italian handcrafted style

Pinhole covered in coloured eco-leather

The Auloma pinhole cameras rapresent an unique objects as all icons of style with an innovative design, completely different design than the classic wooden pinhole cameras. Thanks to the eco-leather coating available in various colors, you can choose the color that best suits your style. Further the aesthetic solution, the eco-leather coating protects your camera, making it even more reliable and easy to clean. The CURVA-45 camera is built with artisanal care at our factory in Italy with meticulous attention to detail and the strictest quality assurance. The unmistakable design and the various coating colors available: white, yellow, orange, red and blue, make the Auloma cameras a cult objects for all pinhole enthusiast.

Technical data

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pinhole camera auloma curva-45
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pinhole camera auloma curva-45
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pinhole camera auloma curva-45
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pinhole camera auloma curva-45
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pinhole camera auloma curva-45
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pinhole camera auloma curva-45

Side view
Side view
Back View
Back View
Top view
Bottom view
  • Overall dimensions (HxWxD): 142x128x112mm (5.5"x5"x4.5")
  • Weight: 920g (203lb)
  • Material: Graphite-polyurethane composite material
  • Focal length: 46mm (1"13/16)
  • Pinhole diameter: 0.2mm (0.079")
  • Angle of View: 49°31'35"
  • Film stop: f=230
  • Film size: 135 (35mm)
  • image size: 24mmx36mm (15/16"x1"27/64)
  • Tripod thread type: UNC 1/4"x20
  • image progress indicator
  • Constant tension film feed with backstop
  • Beam cut system for parasitic light suppression

Purchaising the pinhole camera Panorama 6x12 through our on-line shop, will receive inside the box the follow items:

  • Pinhole camera CURVA-45
  • Instructions manual
  • Light exposure chart
  • Protective carry bag

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