Auloma's development planning

How we want expand our sales network

Auloma's development plan

Auloma has planned a progressive expansion of its sales network and looking for find new partneship in the world

Our strategies

Auloma Holding was been established in 2010 as answer to 2009 big crisis. Our challenge is exporting the business model of micro Italian companies in the world. In Italy the 80% of companies are small and them strength is the capability to working in network together, this solution is the best way to facing the difficulty of the market thanks to an high level of flexibility. The vision of our chairman was imaging the business model off side the box. We must change the prospective, instead try to export a good manufactured in Italy we must share our technologies with many companies in the world. Auloma to compete in overseas market has planned an international network with some strategic companies capable to solve all issue about this business program.

Market development

We have planned a progressive expansion of our sales network. We would propose new agreement to distributors and to System partner in the world. Our plan would increase our turn over in a progressive growt thanks to the presence in new market and by a growt of product range proposed. We would reinforce our presence in USA and South Korea and we are looking for to find new partneship in key countries as Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Hungary, Japan, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries

Our method

Auloma invest mainly in project to improve the industrial quality and productivity. The two brains of the company, Lazzaro and Francesco Marsilla, by a market research investigation, decide in which projects can perform Auloma Know How. All projects are planned in all level, financial, technical, market, logistic and for all mosaic part is evaluated by make or buy politics. This methodology allow us to propose our project to various partners and tied partnership.

  • Busibess Idea
  • Market Research
  • Project Planning
  • Execution