Load cell CC

load cell with flange
Load cell with flange to install tools well aligned

Flange machined with centring in tolerance

The load cell desicg allow tools assembling very accurate. Thanks to the flange the load cell can be installed in which applications that need tools well aligned in the path force, to have reliable force measure, precise and repeatable also after a tool changing.

Easily installation thanks to the twin rings of holes

The CC load cell installation will be very easily, through the ring of holes on the load cell edges and on the flange it will be possible execute force measurement in tension and compression directly on the load cell shell without any adaptor.

Tolerated diameters to allocate tools precisely

Thanks to the diameters machine in tolerance quality IT7, the load cell CC supply a lot advantages versus the standard load cell with the inner threaded holes or the donut load cell. The inner diameter inside the flange, machined in tolerance allow the centring of tools or other objects, thus increase the versatility of the sensor that can be used for several applications. The tight tolerances bear a precise alignment of the components assembled on it and the bolts tightening don't influences the load cell precision with residual preload. The fixing holes are available as threaded holes or through holes.


Load cell with flange CC

Model CC-150-70

load cell
  • Sales price €650.00 V.A.T. Excluded
  • Delivery time 14 WRK/days from order
  • Delivery terms EX Works
  • Payment: Swift transfer in advance
  • Warranty 1 year

  • Product Auloma made in Italy
  • Nominal force 25kN 50kN 100kN 150kN 200kN 250kN 375kN
  • Outer diameter load cell Ø150mm/h7
  • Inner diameter flange Ø70mm/H7

Download the data sheet of the load cell CC-150-70 ❱pdf

Load cell with flange

To install tools well aligned