Amplifier for load cell and force sensor AC

amplifier for load cell
Amplifier for load cell or force sensor with analog output ±10Vdc o 4-20mA

Printed circuit board in hermetic case

The amplifier AC is embedded in a hermetic case made in aluminium with waterproof connectors capable to provide at the device a protection IP66 grade from dust and water.

Installation outside or inside the electrical cabinet

The amplifier Ac can be installed through the four opposite holes in the aluminium box corners, directly on the machine outside the electrical cabinet. Thanks to an optional bracket is possible install the device inside the electrical cabinet on DIN rail guide.

Two load cell inputs at the same price of one

The AC amplifier can manage two load cells at the same time, in this way your installation cost will be the 50% less in all application of multiple load cells.


Amplifier for load cell and force sensor

Model AC

amplifier for load cell
  • Sales price €250.00 V.A.T. Excluded
  • Delivery time 14 WRK/days from order
  • Delivery terms EX Work
  • Payment: swift transfer in adwance
  • Warranty 1 year

  • Product Auloma made in Italy
  • Analog output ±10Vdc o 4-20mA
  • Trimmer gain
  • Trimmer zero adjustment
  • Two load cells input

Download the amplifier AC data sheet ❱pdf

Amplifier for load cell

With analog output