Force sensor, load cell and amplifier ▼

Range of transducers available

force sensor
Force sensor through hole
Capacity Min 10kN Max 300kN
load cell
Load cell with flange
Capacity Min 25kN Max 375kN
amplifier for load cell
Amplifier for load cell
anlog output ±10Vdc 4-20mA

Force transducers, force sensor with huge through hole, load cell with flange and analog amplifier


Thanks to our skill as servo presses manufacturer, our force sensors are the best available on the market to be applied in application where is necessary measure with precision compressive and tensile forces. The design of our force sensors is developed to be integrated in machines like mechanical or hydraulic presses, punching machines, crimping machines and its design warrant precise alignments between the sensors and parts assembled on it. Our sensors are steel made with a low deflection procured by the load and to detect the minimum force variation we use the strain gauge technology.

Force transducers

Force sensors and load cells