Servo Press M211

The very precise servo press without any radial backlash for watch industry, micro mechanic and electronic

The Auloma's M211 servo press is developed to solve the problems in micro assembling. Our design remove any radial backlash of the ram and allow faster ram speed until 500mm/s. The radial backlash in micro assembling is a very dangerous effect, because a radial shaking of few arc minutes on the ram, mean a traverse movement of some microns. The servo press M211 solve this problem thanks to its special anti twist ram derived by our punching presses. The servo press mount a ground ball screw executed according the standard JIS C3, this extreme precision allow thanks to the help of the linear encoder embedded on the ram a repeatability in positioning of ± 3 µm. Further this precision in postioning also the force measure it is very accurete, the pre-load on the ball screw nut and the others stiffened components avoid the dispersion of the force trough the structure. In our press M211 the elasticity by compressive or tensile stress is ward off and the measure of the two magnitudes Force and Displacement result reliable and precise. This precision allow at the process monitoring to supply a very accurate signature of processed parts. The servo press M211 is particularly suitable to monitoring the productive process and for seeking the minimal process variations such as parts defects and process abnormalities in run.

servo press

Servo Press M211, the best solution for watch industry, micro mechanic and electronic assemblies

Products Range

Nominal Thrust Model Stroke Data Sheet Drawing.PDF Drawing.Dxf Drawing.Stl
1kN M2111-0010-100 100mm Download Download Download Ask For
2kN M2111-0020-150 150mm Download Download Download Ask For
3kN M2111-0030-150 150mm Download Download Download Ask For

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Servo Press M211

Servo Press Configuration

The servo press M211 is available with the piezoelectric force sensor embedded in the tool holder. The range of the thrust capacity start from 1kN until 3kN and the standard stokes of 100 and 150mm are assumed as standard for each size, but Auloma is specialized in tailor made servo press ad is possible customised your device with different nominal force and whichever stroke with a value lesser than the standard is available without any additional costs for development. Download the servo press configurator from the link below and send us to, compiled with all data, in two days our technical staff will be capable to provide you the data sheet of your tailor made servo press and quotation.
Download the Servo Press configurator

Servo Press M211 Force Measure

Very accurate force sensor to measure any force variation

Piezoelectric force sensor embedded in Auloma servo press

A very accurate force measure allow at our process monitoring of analyse any process variation and seek in run parts defects and process abnormalities. The servo press M211 mount a piezoelectric force sensor embedded in the tool holder capable of capturing any force effects through the press tool. The linearity error of the sensor it is equal or lesser the 1% of the servo press full scale. The quasi static behaviour of the piezoelectric force sensor allow a precise measure of the forces almost similar at a strain gauge force sensor. The main advantage of this solution consist in the high reliability of the sensor. The piezoelectric crystal inside the sensor own an high stiffness that mean precise ram measuring without deflection, no calibration variation for fatigue, high capability to resist at heavy impact. The piezoelectric force sensors mounted in our faster press M211, own an higher sensitivity capable of recognize whichever process state variation. To know better the potentiality of a servo press to seek parts defects visit our page Process Monitoring APM

Servo Press Process Monitoring

How enhance your product quality

Servo press with process monitoring working scheme

M211 servo press are supported by the APM process monitoring to control in real time the press operations. The APM (Auloma Process Monitoring) is a software suite developed to program two different press environment:

  • Press operations
  • Process monitoring

The suit is very flexible and allow to develop whichever drive profile you want and with infinite break point. The software APM is installed in the APM-PLC, a CPU with the firmware dedicated for the scope and supplied by Auloma in the servo drive. Through the Ethernet connection is possible connect whichever PC with the operative system MS Windows 7® or later versions, where is installed our APM-PC ToolKit. In Few minutes, follow step by step the instructions is possible set-up the press drive profile and the relative force limits for set-up the process monitoring. In the APM-PLC can be stored a maximum of 16 recipes.The data gathered by APM from the servo presses are processed in real time and provide through the Profinet or Ethernet network a feedback to the user's PLC about the analysis results, OK or NOK parts. The analysis data can be provided in CSV format and analysed and stored in a hosted PC with our APM-PC Toolkit installed or with the almost MERP, ERP, Spread sheet available in the market. Thanks to the APM Auloma Process Monitoring your productive press process will be controlled in run and parts defects or process abnormalities will be sought in real time. To know more about APM for micro presses M visit the own web page:
Pressing Monitoring APM


Servo press M211


  • Assembly
  • Press Fit
  • Inserting
  • Spring Test
  • Pressing
  • Clamping

Servo press M211


  • Watches
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Electromechanics
  • OEM
  • Automotive components
  • Appliances
  • Defence
  • Aeronautics
  • Weapons
  • Energy

Servo press M211


  • Implementation cost reduction
  • Lower maintenance
  • Energy cost saving
  • Process analysis
  • Defects and abnormalities seeking
  • Parts traceability

Servo press M211


  • Force Accuracy ±1%FS
  • Ram Repeatability <±0.003mm
  • Steel Made
  • APM Pressing Monitoring
  • IP 65
  • Bosch Rexroth® Hardware

Servo press M211

The best Solution for micro assembling