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Auloma announce the inauguration of the new plant in Pune, India, to manufacturing the new servo presses without size limits

Auloma and its official system partner Focus control have based in Pune the new head-quarter located in Ghule Industrial Estate at Nandedgaon. “Thanks to the new plant we have improved or productivity“ says Mr.Bokil Managing Director of Focus Control “Now we can produce without effort an high volume of servo presses with thrust capacity until 500 kN". The strategic choice of the new plant is another up grade of Auloma project denominate Servo Press India. The project, that was start in 2011, is focused to develop a full chain network for the Indian's automotive industry. Auloma's scope, further at the production in-site of servo press and the software developers centre, want expand its flawless after sales service in the Indian territory. The expansion of the Servo Press India Project is supported now also by the collaboration of Qtek in south India. “The purposes of the Servo Press India Project was put Auloma as 1st producer of servo press in India and I means that we have all attributes to became it“ says Mr.Marsilla CEO of Auloma Holding. In the project are involved also other indians companies, that working according our quality standards, to supply fine machined parts. The new location in pune is also arranged to supply training and courses for the users of our devices.


Servo Press P2123 For Precise Force Measure

Very accurate force sensor to measure any force variation

servo press P2223

Strain gauge force sensor ADI ARTECH embedded in Auloma servo press

The best product for Indian Automotive Market is our servo press P2223 developed to measure a force with an error less the 0.35% of the full scale. This solution provide a compact design more than the our standard P211 thanks to the motor in offset configuration. The precise mesuring system depends also by our belt trasmission without backlash. The P2223 is appreciate by the engine manufacturer for the accuracy in force and displacement measurement capable to detect any process variation. To know more about this solution contact Auloma Headquarter of for Indian market contact Focus control Pvt Ltd.

Focus Control Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Shed No.1656, Sr.No. 10/5/2 Ghule Industrial Estate, Near ICE Factory, Nanded gaon, Off Sinhagad Road - Pune - 411041, Maharashtra, India
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