HBM strain link for pressing force monitoring

Reliable force measurement for pressing operations

Auloma Holding S.r.l. has developed a servo press dedicated for the seat and valve guide insertion. The servo press are developed for Bajaj Auto the main motorbike producers in the world.“Bajaj has find in Auloma, further a partner capable to develop a project tailor made, a source of knowledge in engine assembly by automated process“ said Auloma Founder and CEO Lazzaro Marsilla. The servo presses developed for Bajaj are used for the insertion of the valve guide and the valve seat in the single cylinder engine. “Also in this project Auloma has demonstrated his capability of problem solving. One of the main Bajaj inquiry was an extreme alignment of the servo press ram with the bored holes in the head's engine. The servo press developed can guarantee a perfect alignment thanks to the reduced backlash between the ram guide and the preloaded anti-twist ram.“ Said Mr. Marsilla. The restrictive tolerance used to fit the valve seat has required a very stiffness ram spindle. To enhance the ram position under the compressive strength, all components was be verified by FEM. To be more precise in ram positioning, Auloma has eliminated any influence procured by the force sensor deflection. Thanks to the FEM analysis was been possible use with more accuracy the Auloma's strain detection to measure the press fit force. The HBM ® has supplied a strain sensor capable to satisfy the Auloma's exigences for this project.

servopress to assembling valve seat engine

Servo press machine developed for Bajaj Auto to pressing valve seat and valve guide

APM-BA Pressing Process Monitoring

The Best Process Monitoring Developed on ABB ® Hardware

This project has seen also the d├ębut of the APM process monitoring for ABB ® servo drive. The solution run in the ABB servo drive with built-in PLC but don't need of any HMI to set-up the servo press working parameters and the process monitoring. Through a PC tool kit is possible program the servo press without any knowledge in PC or PLC program. The tool kit is a PC software available for all MS Windows ® operative system, from Vista ® and later version.


HBM Strain Link

Pressing Force Monitoring