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Auloma's pinhole photo magazine, information, stories, interviews, reports about the world of photography

APM Auloma pinhole magazine, reportage articles about the world of analog and pinhole photography

APM Auloma Pinhole Magazine is the official magazine of auloma pinhole and is available online on our blog. Auloma Pinhole Magazine is an international magazine, published in English and is present only in electronic format. The topics covered are related to the world of auloma products and pinhole photography. The magazine is also open to owners of auloma cameras regularly registered to the social Flickr ® belonging to the group Pinhole auloma customers photos who want to share their shots with the readers of APM.

How pinhole auloma camera owners can share their photos in Auloma Pinhole Magazine

If you own an auloma pinhole camera and you are a member of the social Flickr ® you just have to register in the group "Pinhole auloma customers photos", so upload your images in the space of the group, the publication won't be immediate, the photos before being published on the page of the group are checked by us to assess that they are consistent with the rules of the group and that do not offend the members. If you want your photos to be published in APM, you must indicate the tag about: title of the photo, date of the shot and type of auloma camera used.
Attention! on the page of the group "Pinhole auloma customers photos" can be published photos with any license, but if you want that your photos will be published in the magazine "APM" you must remember to declare the license of Public Domain.
To let us know your intention to publish your photos in Attaphoto magazine, still on the group page "Pinhole auloma customers photos" click on "Discussion" and select the discussion "Share your photos" and insert here a post, where you indicate that you want to publish the photos in APM, please indicate also the title of the photos that you have uploaded on the group page which you want publish in the magazine.
It is understood that the photos you indicate may be refused and not published by the magazine Auloma Pinhole Magazine with unquestionable judgment.