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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

pinhole day

How promote pinhole photography around the world

We have participated with our CURVA-45

The 28th of April 2019 was celebrated as usual every April, the world day of pinhole photography. The event is organized to promote pinhole photography around the world, and anyone can participate in the event using both DIY and commercial cameras, such as our Auloma camera. The event consists of taking at least one pinhole photo on the day of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and posting it on the website pinholeday.org❱
We could not defect the event, so we took the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to perform fantastic macros with our pinhole CURVA-45 and performing close-ups of small lawn flowers.

pinhole curva 45

One of our CURVA-45 used for the event. The functionality of the material used for its manufacture allows to apply the adhesive tape on the surface to write notes without risking to ruin the camera.

The final result is always surprising

Also on this occasion our small 135 Auloma CURVA-45 has shown all its potential to perform close-ups and macro photos without distortion. The photos taken on this occasion will be soon published on our socialnetwork channels and on the site pinholeday.org ❱

narciso fotografia stenopeica

Title: White Narcissus, film format 135, film: Kodak plus 200®

Visit the page of our website dedicated to our pinhole camera Auloma CURVA-45 to find out all informations about this product.

Pinhole 135 CURVA-45 ❱