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Launch of new Pinhole Camera Auloma CURVA-45


System auloma CURVA-45

Beyond the limits of pinhole photography

Introduced the new pinhole camera CURVA-45, an object with an innovative design and advanced technical solutions to obtain pinhole photographs with excellent definition. With a focal length of 45mm and a pinhole of 0.2mm, the CURVA-45 is the best tool for distortion-free photography, making it particularly suitable for portraits, close-ups and details.

pinhole curva 45

Parasistic light suppression system to avoid stray-light on shot

The camera was developed with a special focus on light management. The brass sheet where the pinhole is made is blackened with a passivation treatment to make it a matte black color that suppresses the reflections of light generated by the specularity of the brass sheet. In addition to the passivation of the sheet, the CURVA-45 has a system for the suppression of parasistic light that could be generated inside the chamber, so that the film is impressed only by the light that passes through the pinhole.

Photos spaced with a costant pitch

As in analog cameras, our pinhole CURVA-45 has a system that measures the advancement of 35mm of the image plus about two millimeters to outdistance the next image from the previous one. The correct advancement of the film is indicated by the rotation of 360° of the index placed in the upper part of the machine, this system allows to fully exploit the film obtaining 36 or 24 images depending on the capacity of this one.

photo indexer curva-45

Indexer to measure
photo advancement

Innovating film winding

Unique in its category, the pinhole camera CURVA-45 has developed a film wrapping system that is completely different from all other pinhole camera on the market.
A perfectly spreaded and tensioned film is fundamental to obtain high quality photographs, often this isn't guaranteed by the wrapping systems available on the classic wooden pinhole, performed by magnetic devices or frictioned shafts. The CURVA-45 to ensure the perfect tensioning of the film has a mechanical system that allows only the advancement of this, causing a tension between the spooling pin and the coil, this system also ensures that the film already impressed and wrapped on the spool, does not go back damaging the photos already taken by a double exposure, this even after long periods of inactivity of the camera. Once all the photos have been completed, to rewind the film, simply disengage the mechanical winding system by means of a practical knob.

disengagement knob pinhole curva-45

Disengagement knob to
rewind the film

Film guiding system to prevent scratches

Our camera is made of an innovative composite material that incorporates graphite particles. This material has a low coefficient of friction and is particularly suitable for applications of anti-static sprays. In addition to the benefits of the anti-scratch material, the camera has been designed to prevent contact onto the camera frame by the film zone dedicated to be print, to avoid whichever scratch.

internal view curva-45

Pinhole Auloma Curva-45, internal view

High efficiency shutter

Moving the shutter without moving the camera is a fundamental operation in shooting pinhole photos, especially when you are forced to use films that do not allow long exposures. The efficiency of the material with a low coefficient of friction used by us, has allowed the construction of a dovetail deisgn shutter with high mechanical efficiency. The opening and closing of the shutter is possible with a very slight movement avoiding unwanted movements of the camera. The open and closed positions of the shutter are guaranteed by powerful neodymium magnets suitably sized that prevent accidental closures and openings of the shutter but do not induce movements of the camera.

pinhole shutter detail

Pinhole Auloma Curva-45, shutter detail

Handicraft manufacturing

The manufacture of our products is carried out in Italy by skilled hands that with craftsmanship transform raw materials into something unique. The CURVA-45 was created to solve the photographer's needs, a smart device developed to improve the artistic possibilities needed for this type of photography, in this way will be easier to put the heart into what you doing better.
Thanks to our decades of experience in creating unique objects for industrial vision, with the same skill we now create our pinhole and accessories, with careful attention to detail, and that unmistakable Italian style that makes each product authentic, special and unique. That's why every auloma camera can also be embellished with ecological leather inserts.
CURVA-45 cameras are made using composite resins. Our graphite-added polyurethane resins, being a composite material, will not change over time and seasons as with wooden pinhole cameras, giving each piece authentic reliability.
Every detail of our camera is tailored to the needs of the professional or amateur photographer, without sacrificing the style, elegance and uniqueness of a handmade product.