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pinhole camera 6x9 auloma ultra

Medium format pinhole camera 6x9 Auloma Ultra

A viable alternative to the large 4x5 format

Auloma Ultra 6x9 for excellent images with the classic 1.5:1 photo ratio

The Auloma Ultra 6x9 is a very light medium format pinhole camera, weighing only 700 grams, with two pinholes, one central and one off-centre 14mm pinhole for perspective correction. Thanks to the triple tripod mount, the pinholes become practically three, with the possibility of correcting perspective in both directions in relation to the central pinhole. Of course, the Ultra 6x9 camera is also equipped with an Aulomacolor slot-in filter holder for 100mm wide filters or, via the MA adapter, for 84mm wide filters, this additional accessory makes the Auloma Ultra 6x9 pinhole camera a high-performance and extremely versatile device. The images achievable with this camera exceed all expectations, the quality and sharpness without shadows of elliptical vignetting depend on the accuracy of our pinholes, which are machined from brass sheets only 0.025mm thick. This pinhole camera is a viable alternative to a large-format 4x5 camera, the Auloma Ultra 6x9 camera produces images on the negative of a 56x84mm, therefore with a side-to-side ratio of 1.5:1, exactly the same proportions as an image obtainable on a 135 negative. The negative obtained, however, being larger in size, requires 490% less enlargement for the same print format than the 135, and the prints of photographs obtained with the Ultra 6x9 have an impression of sharpness that is equivalent to those obtainable with a 4x5" shot with a negative with double sensitivity.

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pinhole camera 6x9 theatre shot

Ultra 6x9 pinhole camera a new standard of quality

Innovation and perfection

Auloma Ultra 6x9 pinhole camera, image definition

pinhole auloma ultra 6x9

Manufactured to withstand

pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 materials

Photography can be done for work or for pleasure, but in both cases the reliability of your camera is no less important than image quality and handling. With the Ultra 6x9 camera, Auloma has initiated a new era of its cameras. This turning point is marked by the use of new, high-quality materials that are increasingly reliable and resistant. These materials now allow for an increasingly sophisticated construction of the details of our pinhole cameras. These solutions ensure that the Ultra 6x9 pinhole camera will perform its functions for many years, easily withstanding the daily use of pinhole photography.

Film feed at constant tension

pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 film feed

The film in the Ultra 6x9 pinhole camera always remains tightly stretched both when the film is being wound and when the film remains in the dwell phase. The special curvature of the film slide rails, aided by two elastic leaf springs that exert light pressure on the spools, perfectly stretches the film which is only allowed to wind up, thanks to our anti-retraction mechanism located underneath the one winding knob. In our pinhole cameras, the film advance is smooth without hindrance and the film will be tight at the end of winding.

Triple tripod connection

pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 tripod connection
pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 tripod connection
pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 tripod connection

The Auloma Ultra 6x9 pinhole camera is equipped with a triple hole for tripod attachment. Two holes are dedicated to make the best use of the off-centre pinhole in panorama format shots. The remaining threaded hole is located on the short side of the camera for portrait format shots. All mounting positions are compatible with the central pinhole and the position of the holes also allow mounting on tripods with a 60mm wide interface.

Double mounting position for off-centre pinhole

pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 central pinhole
pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 upper pinhole
pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 bottom pinhole

The Auloma Ultra 6x9 pinhole camera has two pinholes, a central pinhole and an off-centre 14mm pinhole to better manage perspective correction for panorama format photographs. The Ultra 6x9 camera has tripod mounts on both sides dedicated to the panorama format so that the off-centre hole can be used above and below the central pinhole.

Shutters on low-friction guides.

pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 shutters

Not shaking the pinhole camera when taking photographs with very short exposure times depends on the quality of the shutters. The Auloma Ultra 6x9 pinhole camera is equipped with two shutters with a very low coefficient of friction that run smoothly without hindrance. Each shutter is equipped in the open and closed positions with a mechanical stop and magnetic locks that guarantee its open position even for long exposures.

Framing system using spherical viewfinders

pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 framing detection

A characteristic feature of Auloma cameras is the presence of spherical viewfinders for framing determination. In keeping with tradition, the Ultra 6x9 also uses this handy system to identify the framing according to the pinhole used.

Reading the frame number on the backing paper via a shutter system

pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 porthole

All 120-format films have a protective paper on the back side where the frame numbering is printed to indicate the correct position of the frame. The numbering for the 6x9 format is located close to the film edge, this feature requires technical solutions to prevent the film from being accidentally impressed by the light used to illuminate the numbering. The closing cover of the Auloma Ultra 6x9 camera has a curved profile that copies the curvature of the tracks where the film runs, so that the porthole for reading the numbering is a few tenths of a millimetre away from the numbering, preventing light from impressing the film. In addition to this protection system, a shutter covers the porthole externally, which can be conveniently opened only when the film is being wound to position the next frame.

Three filters can be accommodated on the filter holder.

pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 filter holder

The Auloma Ultra 6x9 pinhole camera mounts the Aulomacolor LU filter holder, a filter holder with the capacity to hold three Aulomacolor L-series filters at the same time or any other 100mm wide and 3mm thick filter. Thanks to the elastic housings of our Aulomacolor LU filter holder, inserting the filters is a simple and immediate operation; simply slide the filters into the housings and position them in front of the pinhole holes to ensure their coverage and avoid vignetting effects. The LU filter holder can also be used with the MA adapter to mount any filter 84mm wide and up to 2mm thick without vignetting problems.

Quality and Italian design.

pinhole auloma ultra 6x9 italian design

The Auloma Ultra 6x9 pinhole camera is a future-oriented camera made of lightweight, durable materials. A camera that uses recycled materials and can be recycled for the good of our planet. The Ultra 6x9's harmonious yet aggressive design is emphasised by the contrasting colours used on the super-grip coating. We have achieved a camera that is light, easy to handle and typically Auloma recognisable by the lines and colours of the surface coating, built like all our products with craftsmanship and skill at our factory in Italy with meticulous attention to the smallest detail and the strictest quality assurance.

Technical data

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pinhole camera 6x9 Auloma ultra
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pinhole camera 6x9 Auloma ultra
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pinhole camera 6x9 Auloma ultra
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pinhole camera 6x9 Auloma ultra
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pinhole camera 6x9 Auloma ultra
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pinhole camera 6x9 Auloma ultra

Right Side View
Frontal View whith Filter Holder
Left Side View
Rear View
Top View
Bottom View
  • Overall dimensions (HxWxD): 145x215x75mm (5-45/64"x8-15/32"x2-61/64")
  • Weight: 0.7Kg (1lb)
  • Material: Polyethylene terephthalate
  • Focal length: 45mm (1"49/64)
  • Pinhole diameter: 0.25mm (0,0098")
  • Horizontal angle of view central pinhole: 96°18'
  • Vertical angle of view central pinhole: 71°18'
  • Off-centre pinhole horizontal angle of view: 96°18'
  • Off-centre pinhole vertical angle of view: 66°54'
  • Film stop: f=180
  • Film size: 120
  • image size: 56mmx84mm (2-13/64"x3-5/16")
  • Tripod thread type: UNC 1/4"x20
  • Filter holder LU (optional)

Purchaising the pinhole camera Ultra 6x9 through our on-line shop, will receive inside the box the follow items:

  • Pinhole camera Ultra 6x9
  • Instructions manual
  • Light exposure chart

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