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pinhole camera 6x6 auloma diva

Medium format pinhole camera 6x6 Auloma Diva

All Auloma technology in a small 6x6

Auloma Diva 6x6 the extreme wide-angle camera

The smallest medium format camera body produced by Auloma weighing in at just 675 grams, the Diva 6x6 is extremely thin, light and built to combine seamlessly with Aulomacolor's M-slot-in filter holder designed to fit 84mm wide photographic filters, creating a highly compact and extremely versatile medium format wide angle pinhole camera. The uncompromising image quality is dependent on the accuracy of our pinholes machined on brass sheets only 0.05mm thick.

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pinhole camera 6x6 church shot

Pinhole Camera Diva the evolution of the 6x6 format

Our commitment, your enjoyment

Pinhole camera Auloma Diva 6x6 freedom and precision

pinhole auloma diva 6x6

Made in composite material

pinhole auloma diva 6x6 materials

Making reliable and durable cameras is a mission for us. The development of composite resins admixed with iron oxide nanoparticles has allowed us to obtain particularly robust cameras manufactured by moulding, avoiding labile and light-penetrable components as many wooden pinholes do over time.

Film feed at constant tension

pinhole auloma diva 6x6 film feed

In our pinhole cameras, the film is fed smoothly and unimpeded through a single winding knob. The film is kept tight by our backstop mechanism and thanks to two leaf springs that exert a slight pressure on the spools, the film will be tight at the end of the wrap.

Twin tripod connection

pinhole auloma diva 6x6 tripod connection
pinhole auloma diva 6x6 tripod connection

The Auloma Diva 6x6 pinhole camera is equipped with a double hole for tripod attachment, drilled on two opposite sides of the camera. This is necessary to make the best use of the double pinhole lens of the Auloma Diva 6x6..

Two pinholes that become three

pinhole auloma diva 6x6 central pinhole
pinhole auloma diva 6x6 upper pinhole
pinhole auloma diva 6x6 bottom pinhole

The Auloma Diva 6x6 pinhole camera has two pinholes, one central and one off-centre to better handle the curvature of the horizon, but it works as if there were three. This is possible thanks to the double tripod mount. This means that you can use the camera with the off-centre hole above or below the central hole and manage the curvature of the horizon in the opposite way.

Shutters on high-efficiency guides.

pinhole auloma diva 6x6 shutters

Opening and closing pinholes without moving the camera is one of the biggest challenges of pinhole cameras. The Auloma Diva 6x6 camera is equipped with two shutters with a very low coefficient of friction that slide unhindered. The shutter is equipped with a mechanical stop in the open and closed positions and magnetic locks that guarantee its open position even for long exposures.

System to determinate the framing.

pinhole auloma diva 6x6 framing detection

A characteristic feature of Auloma pinhole cameras is the presence of spherical viewfinders for determining the framing. In keeping with tradition, the Diva 6x6 also uses this handy system to identify the frame according to the pinhole lens used.

Porthole to see the frame number on the backing paper.

pinhole auloma diva 6x6 porthole

All 120-format film has frame numbering on the paper side to indicate the correct frame position. Many cameras using this film format use a transparent porthole tinted red to display the numbering. The Diva 6x6 pinhole camera, to further protect your work, secures the camera from accidental light entering through the porthole thanks to the special shape of the inside of the rear cover that wraps around the film back, limiting illumination to the number area only. In addition to this protection, a further shutter covers the outside of the porthole, which can be conveniently opened only when the film is being wound to position the next frame.

Filter holder with a capability of three filters.

pinhole auloma diva 6x6 filter holder

The Diva 6x6 camera has been designed to easily install the Aulomacolor M filter holder, which consists of two independent frames made of extruded PETG to be installed on the camera by means of two screws. The filter holder M mounts any plate filter with a width of 84mm and a thickness of 1.6mm, in order to guarantee simultaneous coverage of both pinholes on the Diva camera, avoiding vignetting effects. In order to ensure complete coverage of the filter, it is necessary that they have a minimum length of 84mm. Thanks to our special elastic housings installed on the Aulomacolor M filter holder, inserting the filters is a simple and immediate operation, simply slide the filters into the elastic housings and position them in front of the pinhole.

Quality and Italian design.

pinhole auloma diva 6x6 italian design

When we design a pinhole camera, our first thought is for the photographer who will use it. Adopting Auloma's classic style of combining high-tech solutions with elegance and rich materials, the Auloma Diva 6x6 pinhole camera is an extraordinary tool with essential lines, compact and easy to handle. Manufactured by moulding highly resistant hi-tech resins, its iconic design is highlighted by the faux leather trim that covers the surface of the camera, finished with our super-grip treatment like the heads of racing engines. The Pinhole Diva 6x6 camera is built with craftsmanship and skill at our factory in Italy with meticulous attention to detail and the strictest quality assurance.

Technical data

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pinhole camera 6x6 Auloma diva
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pinhole camera 6x6 Auloma diva
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pinhole camera 6x6 Auloma diva
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pinhole camera 6x6 Auloma diva
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pinhole camera 6x6 Auloma diva
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pinhole camera 6x6 Auloma diva

Right Side View
Frontal View
Left Side View
Rear View
Top View
Bottom View
  • Overall dimensions (HxWxD): 136x175x57mm (5-23/64"x6-57/64"x2-1/4")
  • Weight: 0.675Kg (1,48lb)
  • Material: Iron oxid-polyurethane composite material
  • Focal length: 31mm (1"7/32)
  • Pinhole diameter: 0.2mm (0"1/64;)
  • Angle of View: 105°12'
  • Film stop: f=155
  • Film size: 120
  • image size: 56mmx56mm (2-13/64"x2-13/64")
  • Tripod thread type: UNC 1/4"x20
  • Filter holder M (optional)

Purchaising the pinhole camera Diva 6x6 through our on-line shop, will receive inside the box the follow items:

  • Pinhole camera Diva 6x6
  • Instructions manual
  • Light exposure chart

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