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pinhole auloma panorama 6x12

Medium format pinhole camera 6x12

Amazing pictures with a sharp definition

Auloma Panorama 6x12 the wide angle pinhole camera without comparisons

The pinhole camera Auloma Panorama 6x12 uses 120 films format to obtain panoramic pictures wide 120mm and high 56mm, thus the surface area of the obtained picture is 7,7 time more bigger than a picture obtained by a 135 format camera, this mean that a Panorama 6x12 provides photos with a better resolution than a 135. Also if comparing the Panorama 6x12 to another pinhole camera 4x5" you will be surprised. Compared to a 4x5", the Panorama 6x12 provides pictures with a surface area of only 1,8 time lesser than a 4x5", but the picture lenght is only of 5mm more smaller than a 4x5", so the longitudinal resolution is very close at the large format 4x5. This comparison define well the makings of Panorama 6x12 that combine the convenience of uses a film roll such as in a small 135 camera and obtain high resolution photos with a quality similar to a large format 4x5", giving you wide angle panoramic pictures very hard to obtain by a digital camera.

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pinhole 6x12 shot

Panorama 6x12 the wide angle pinhole camera for amazing panoramic shots

Wide spaces, great emotions!

Pinhole Auloma Panorama 6x12 style and technology

pinhole auloma panorama 6x12

Made in composite material

pinhole auloma panorama material

Faithful at our tradition, the pinhole camera Auloma Panorama 6x12 is made in composite material, a special resin charged by iron oxide nano particles that provide at our camera excellent mechanical features such as robustness and durability. The pinhole camera is composed by three parts: the camera body, the roll film back and the back cover, all these parts are a only one shell obtained through molding process, thus lightproof and don't suffer about environmental variations (temperature, moisture and more). Our material doesn't age, doesn't need particular maintenance and the camera parts aren't a glued assembly.

Independent roll film back

pinhole 6x12 roll film back

One of Auloma Panorama's main advantages is the independent roll film back with a design that allow the film access into the camera in both side. This solution allow the film load operations without impediment and any difficulty in few seconds.

Film plane on curved rails

pinhole 6x12 film plane on curved rails

In the Auloma Panorama 6x12 the film is placed on two curved rails. The rails radius is 70mm (2-3/4") the same dimension of the camera focal length. This design allow a perfect lighting, homogeneous on the entire negative, this avoids the typical vignetting effects that suffer all pinhole cameras where the film is placed on a flat plane.

Film winded with a costant tenstion

pinhole 6x12 film winding

The film is winded through a backstop mechanism that not allow any film release, in this way the film results well taut on the curved rails. Furthermore two flat springs apply a light pressure on the two spools where the film is wrapped to warrant a perfect film wrap before download it from camera. Our system to wind the film owns an high efficiency, winding the film with our Panorama 6x12 will be a unique experience, soft like move a feather.

Twin tripod connection

pinhole 6x12 tripod connection

In Panorama 6x12 are available two threaded holes drilled orthogonally from one another, in this way will be possible mount the camera on the tripod in both position to obtain or the classical landscape 6x12 pictures, or any other 12x6 extreme portrait.

Camera equipped with two pinholes

pinhole 6x12 equipped with two pinholes

In pinhole photography the solution to reduce the horizon curvature effect is the use of two pinholes placed close the picture center, through this expedient you can obtain pictures without deformations in the part where is placed the hole. Choosing conveniently the upper or lower pinhole you can obtain a straight the horizon profile.

Doveltail joint shutter

pinhole 6x12 shutters

In the pinhole camera Panorama 6x12 shutters will be opened and closed easily thanks to low friction material which they are made. Move the shutter without impediments means a low risk of move the camera during the shot. Each shutter is provided of a mechanical block as end stroke, to warrant its open and close position the shutter owns a magnet that stop it. Furthermore, in case of a long period of camera store or transport, each shutter is equipped of a threaded knob to block it on the camera body and avoid any accidental opening.

System to determinate the framing.

pinhole 6x12 framing detection

The Panorama 6x12 doesn't use the typical lines printed on the camera to determinate the framing, to aid the photographers to frame the picture the pinhole camera Auloma Panorama 6x12 is equipped of colored spherical viewfinders, such as in a gun will be enough align the viewfinder to define the limits of the framing. The use of viewfinders in different colors is an expedient to aid the photographers to find the framing according the pinhole used.

Porthole to see the frame number on the backing paper.

pinhole 6x12 porthole

120 film format has printed in the backing paper the number to identify the frame. Many cameras use only a red transparent porthole to view the number. The pinhole camera Panorama 6x12 to safe your negative from accidental light leakage, assure further the porthole thanks to a screen that enveloping the backing paper, so in this way the light that pass through the porthole will be limited only around the number printed on the backing paper. In addition the porthole is covered by a shutter that can be opened only when you must winding the film to the next frame. The shutter closed position is warrant by a magnet.

Filter holder with a capability of three filters.

pinhole 6x12 filter holder

The pinhole camera Auloma Panorama is designed to install easily the filter holder Aulomacolor L through four threaded knobs. The filter holder frame is made with the same materials which is made the camera, to have the same fatures of robustness and durability. The filter holder Aulomacolor L mount whichever filter wide 100mm (3-15/16")with a maximum thickess of 3mm (1/8") such as our filters Aulomacolor L. Dimensions of Aulomacolor filters warrant the cover af all pinholes available on our camera Panorama to avoid any vignetting effect. Thanks to our special elastic slots mount the filter into the filter holder results a gesture easy and immediate, will be enough sliding the filter inside the elastic slot and positioning it above the pinholes. By the not expensive Aulomacolor filters L-BW you can execute black and white shots enphatized in the tone and contrast.

Quality and Italian design.

pinhole 6x12 italian design

The Auloma pinhole cameras are devices unique in their genre, distinguished by a elegant combination of materials durable and resistant. The Panorama's style is totally different than classical wooden pinhole cameras. Thanks to its carbon fiber pattern and the eco-leather finishing, Panorama is an unique camera with an unmistakable modern design. The look isn't the only function of the covering, this solution protects your camera and provide it a more reliability and became more easy to clean. The pinhole camera Panorama 6x12 is made with great care in the our shop in Italy, finished in the details and with maximum quality care.

Technical data

1 / 6
pinhole 6x12 Auloma panorama right view
2 / 6
pinhole 6x12 Auloma panorama left view
3 / 6
pinhole 6x12 Auloma panorama back view
4 / 6
pinhole 6x12 Auloma panorama top view
5 / 6
pinhole 6x12 Auloma panorama bottom view
6 / 6
pinhole 6x12 Auloma panorama open camera view

Right Side View
Left Side View
Rear View
Top View
Bottom View
Open Camera View
  • Overall dimensions (HxWxD): 140x228x115mm (5-33/64"x8-31/32"x4-17/32")
  • Weight: 1.74Kg (3.83lb)
  • Material: Iron oxid-polyurethane composite material
  • Focal length: 70mm (2"3/4)
  • Pinhole diameter: 0.3mm (0.111")
  • Angle of View: 104°24'
  • Film stop: f=233
  • Film size: 120
  • image size: 56mmx120mm (2-13/64"x4-23/32")
  • Tripod thread type: UNC 1/4"x20
  • Filter holder L (optional)

Purchaising the pinhole camera Panorama 6x12 through our on-line shop, will receive inside the box the follow items:

  • Pinhole camera Panorama 6x12
  • Instructions manual
  • Light exposure chart

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