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pinhole auloma feris 4x5

Pinhole Camera 4x5" Auloma Feris

For quality pinhole photography

Auloma Feris 4x5" when simplicity is synonymous of perfection

The Feris 4x5 pinhole camera is a classic large format camera, essential but not lacking in technology. The carefully manufactured pinhole lens gives a high quality image, which together with the one-piece frame made of special composite resins obtained by moulding, make it a reliable and long-lasting device without equal. The presence of a single central pinhole makes it less flexible in the management of the horizon in the shots compared to our Magnificat 4x5 but significantly reduces running costs, for example the applicable filters are small 100x100mm, giving you with a small investment suggestive black and white photos mediated in gray tone by the use of photographic filters.

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large format pinhole camera 4x5 auloma feris

Pinhole Feris 4x5 large formats in freedom

technology applied to pinhole photography

Pinhole Auloma Feris 4x5 refinement in details

pinhole camera auloma feris 4x5

Pinhole Camera made in hi-tech materials

pinhole camera auloma feris 4x5 material

Auloma's hallmark is the use of hi-tech materials in the manufacture of its cameras. The Feris 4x5 pinhole camera is made in a special resin additivated with iron oxide nano particles, making it particularly resistant and long-lasting. The body is a unique shell obtained by moulding, impenetrable to light and unaffected by changes in environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.). The material we use does not age and does not require special maintenance.

Compatability with film holder 4x5 standard

pinhole camera auloma feris 4x5 film holder

Auloma Feris has a precise housing for standard 4x5 film holders such as Toyo®, Fidelity®, Polaroid® or others compatible brands. The housing of the film holder perfectly matches the profile of the film holder and completely prevents light leakage.

Twin tripod connection to shot in portrait or landscape formats

pinhole camera auloma feris 4x5 tripod connection

Auloma Feris 4x5 is developed to provide the maximum creativity freedom to all photographers, such as the possibility to install the pinhole camera on the tripod to shot in portrait or landscape format. This is possible through two 1/4 UNC threaded holes executed on a layer coated with an high grip material, this solution lock in safety the pinhole camera on the tripod.

Pinhole lens for quality images

pinhole camera auloma feris 4x5 central pinhole

There is only one pinhole in the Feris 4x5 camera, which is machined with high accuracy using special high-speed drills to obtain a hole with a conical cross-section, so as to minimise the ripple effect of the light inside it.

Filter holder with a capability to hold three filters

pinhole camera auloma feris 4x5 filter holder

The Feris pinhole camera is designed to fit the Aulomacolor LF filter holder, which consists of two independent frames that are attached by four threaded knobs. The LF filter holder is manufactured in extruded PETG, a light but strong material. The LF filter holder, once assembled on the pinhole, mounts any filter of 100mm wide and 3mm thick like our Aulomacolor L filters. Thanks to the special elastic seats of our filter holder, inserting the filters is an immediate gesture, just slide the filters inside the elastic seats and position them in front of the pinhole. With the Aulomacolor L BW series filters, you can take black-and-white photographs with emphasised tones and contrasts.

High efficiency shutter.

pinhole camera auloma feris 4x5 shutter

The Feris pinhole camera has an innovative shutter with a very low coefficient of friction. The materials we use allow a perfect manual opening of the pinhole, fast and unhindered, avoiding any movement of the camera during the opening and closing of the shutter. The device is also equipped with magnetic stops to ensure the perfect position of the shutter during opening and closing.

System to determinate the framing.

pinhole camera auloma feris 4x5 viewfinder

To aid the photographers to determinate the framing, the pinhole camera Feris 4x5 own spherical viewfinders . When this viewfindera are conveniently aligned, the photographer can define the framing.

Technical data

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pinhole camera 4x5 auloma feris
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pinhole camera 4x5 auloma feris
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pinhole camera 4x5 auloma feris
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pinhole camera 4x5 auloma feris
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pinhole camera 4x5 auloma feris
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pinhole camera 4x5 auloma feris

Side view
Frontal view with filter holder
Side view
Rear view
Top view
Bottom view
  • Overall dimensions (HxWxD): 210x147x117mm (8"17/64x5"25/32x4"39/64)
  • Weight: 1.58Kg (348lb)
  • Material: Iron oxid-polyurethane composite material
  • Focal length: 70mm (2"3/4)
  • Pinhole diameter: 0.3mm (0.111")
  • Angle of View central hole: 98°33'22"
  • Film stop: f=233
  • Film size: 4x5"
  • image size: 100mmx125mm (3"15/16x4"59/64)
  • Tripod thread type: UNC 1/4"x20
  • Filter holder XL (optional)

Purchaising the pinhole camera Feris 4x5 through our on-line shop, will receive inside the box the follow items:

  • Pinhole camera Feris 4x5
  • Instructions manual
  • Light exposure chart

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