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Medium format pinhole camera 6x6 Auloma Diva

All Auloma technology in a small 6x6

Auloma Diva 6x6

pinhole camera 6x6 auloma diva

6x6 is the most popular photographic format for 120 film format. Auloma for this format has developed the pinhole camera Diva 6x6, a camera that uses a pinhole lens of 0.2mm drilled on a brass sheet of 0.05mm, with focal length of 31mm to obtain a perfect lighting of the frame 56x56mm.

Made in composite resins

The pinhole camera Auloma Diva own an innovetive design and is made with our special composite resins to obtain a reliable camera with a low friction to facilitate parts movements. Pinhole Diva is very robust, infact resist well from weather attack such as hot, cold, rain, moud and could be handled without care. Its property of resist from thermal variations avoid the common troubleshooting that affect the wooden pinholes such as light leackage caused by the thermal expansion or handles loock used for winding the film.

Twin Pinhole lens and three holes in different positions to fix the camera on the tripod

Diva 6x6 is a wide angle pinhole camera and own two pinhole lenses, one placed in the frame center the second one spaced from the first, this solution together the possibility of mounting the camera on three different side, allow of choose the optimal horizon height. The possibility of mounting the camera on three different side allow in addition nice artistic shots executed with multiple exposure.

pinhole shot church

Shot executed by a pinhole camera Auloma Diva 6x6

Get ready, here we come!

We are working on this pinhole model, the prototype has already been tested and we are starting production of the manufacturing moulds.
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