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How to edit your photographs without post-production software

Why use Aulomacolor camera filters

The use of photographic filters are an alternative or complement to the use of photo editing software. Aulomacolour filters are widely used on view cameras and pinhole cameras, but are an excellent product for use on all analogue and digital cameras. The Aulomacolor filter range includes anti-uv, neutral density ND and tone change solutions for black and white photography. This range has been developed primarily for our pinhole cameras, thanks to the anti-UV filters you will be able to eliminate the haze effect due to UV rays on pinhole photographs due to the absence of a lens, by using our neutral density filters, colour photographs will attenuate the violet hue due to UV rays, while the use of our colour filters will allow you to obtain monochrome photographs modified in the tonal range and increase the exposure time. The resulting photographs will have a fantastic effect. Photographs transformed by the filters can be an advantage for later post-production with a photo editor. Auomacolor filters are made of a special optical methacrylate resin, particularly resistant and with excellent light filtering characteristics. The lamination production process of our sheet filters allows to obtain constant sheet thicknesses without creating refraction problems. The methacrylate used by us offers a good resistance to dimensional variations due to temperature variations, up to 80° the structure remains stiff and there are no appreciable deformations in the parallelism of the filtering surfaces. These filters have been developed to make it easier for photographers who try their hand at wide-angle photography of uncommon formats such as 6x9, 6x12, 6x18 and 4x5 that require large filters, the solution proposed by Auloma are cheaper filters than the classic glass ones, therefore particularly suitable for fans of pinhole photography. Aulomacolor filters are available in two sizes Aulomacolor-L and Aulomacolor-XL in dimensions compatible with our filter holders or other brands, either for digital or analog cameras. Aulomacolor filter installation takes few seconds, thanks to the special elastic seats of our filter holder, the insertion of the filters is an immediate gesture, just slide the filters inside the elastic seats and place them above pinholes available in the camera.

How to install Aulomacolor filters on our pinhole cameras

The Aulomacolor filter installation system is similar for all the pinhole cameras designed to use an Aulomacolor filter holder. The installation or removal of Aulomacolor filters is done by two simple operations. The first operation consists in mounting the Aulomacolor filter holder on the pinhole camera using threaded knobs. Once the filter holder is fixed, it will be sufficient to slide a filter into the elastic seats until it covers all pinholes on the camera. The system will automatically lock the filter without having to secure it with screws, magnets or other devices. Likewise, to remove the filter, simply hold it at the ends and slide it out of the elastic seats. Aulomacolor filter holders have the capability to hold up to three filters at the same time, so it will be possible to combine different filters to compose the desired photographic effect.

filter holder installation

"1- Fix the Aulomacolor filter holder to the pinhole camera using the three threaded knobs."

filter insertion

"2- Insert the Aulomacolor filter inside the elastic seats until all pinholes are covered."

filter installed

"Auloma camera with Aulomacolor filter correctly installed."

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Aulomacolor-L Filters

logo filters l

Aulomacolor-L filters have been developed to be installed on our pinhole camera 6x6, 6x9 and 6x12 and our large format Feris 4x5, but they can be installed on any analog or digital camera equipped with a filter holder capable of containing a 100x100x3mm filter, the size of this filter makes it particularly suitable for wide angle photography. Aulomacolor-L filters are available in the following variants:

  • Filters blocking ultraviolet rays, Aulomacolor-L-UV
  • Neutral Density Filters, Aulomacolor-L-ND
  • Filters for black-and-white photography, Aulomacolor-L-BW

To find out all the features of the Aulomacolor L filters, please visit the following web pages:

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filter Aulomacolor-L 100x100

Aulomacolor-XL Filters

logo filters xl

Aulomacolor-XL-BW filters have been developed to be installed on our large format 4x5 Magnificat and our Superpanorama 6x17 wide angle pinhole, but they can be installed on any analog or digital camera equipped with a filter holder capable of containing a 130x170x3mm filter, the size of this filter makes it particularly suitable for wide angle photography. Aulomacolor-L filters are available in the following variants:

  • Filters blocking ultraviolet rays, Aulomacolor-XL-UV
  • Neutral Density Filters, Aulomacolor-XL-ND
  • Filters for black-and-white photography, Aulomacolor-XL-BW

To find out all the features of the Aulomacolor XL filters, please visit the following web pages:

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filter Aulomacolor-XL 130x170

Aulomacolor filter holders

Aulomacolor filter holders are developed to be installed on our medium and large format pinhole camera. The dimensions of our filter holders are such that they can take wide-angle photographs without vignetting defects. All Aulomacolor filter holders uses our elastic guides system capable to allign perfectly the filter on pinhole camera ad it is capable to lock automatically the filter in the right position without screws or magnets aid.

To know which Aulomacolor filter holder is suitable for your pinhole camera visit the dedicated page:

Photographic filter holder Aulomacolor ❱

filter holder Aulomacolor

Bags for Aulomacolor filters

Aulomacolor filters are protected inside a convenient bag made in anti-scratch material, closed in the wide side through a zipper to prevent dust contamination. This system aid the filter estraction from the bag and reduce the risk of touch the filter with your fingers on the main surface of the filter. Each filter is sold enclosed inside its bag that is provided of six holes in the opposite side from the zipper, in this way will be possible secure the bag inside a A5 container.

filter bag Aulomacolor

Leather binder for Aulomacolor filters

leather binder for photographic filters
leather binder for photographic filters Aulomacolor
Italian leather binder for photographic filters

Our binder can allocates easily twelve Aulomacolor filters wrapped into their protective bags, thanks to the elastic rings it will be possible open easily the binder and adding filters for your photographic project anytime or increase without problems of capability your filters set. Further to being a versatile good our binder is also apreciate for its durability and protective capability. Made in genuine Italian vegetable-tanned cowhide, rigorously hand sewing, become a further safety barrier in addition to the protection supplied by the single anti-scratch bags. Your filters wrapped by the leather thickness will be in safe, protected from which damages that occur sometimes during transport in bags or suitcases together the rest of material necessary for your photographic set. The binder own a convenient pocket for contain documents and a seat to insert a pencil, both made in leather. The leather used is treated by our waterproofing wax to make the binder a perfect good to be used outdoor in whichever weather and environment as shoes pair made in genuine leather. Through our system, a filter choice will be easily as leaf through a book.