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UV photographic filters

Aulomacolor-L-UV e XL-UV

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Aulomacolor-UV filters, for colour and black-and-white photography

In pinhole photography one cannot do without a filter that blocks ultraviolet rays. In this type of camera, the absence of a lens capable of blocking these rays causes a fog effect on the photograph and produces a variation in colour tone. The colour variation, depending on the sensitivity of the film, will be connoted by a more or less pronounced violet tone. The property of our UV filter is to block ultraviolet rays, preventing them from altering the negative. The resulting photos will therefore be sharper and with colours of a tone not altered by the colour violet.

Available size range of Aulomacolor-UV photographic filters

uv lens filter
  • Colour: Neutral Transparent
  • Material: Modified Optical Resin
  • Exposure compensation: 0 f/stop

Sizes Available

  • Filter Aulomacolor-L-UV: 100x100x3mm
  • Filter Aulomacolor-XL-UV: 130x170x3mm

Aulomacolor-UV filters can be used in combination with ND filters and filters for black-and-white photography to increase filtering capacity and block ultraviolet rays.
When used on analogue or digital cameras, Aulomacolor-UV filters can also be mounted in combination with polarising filters of other brands.

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