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ND neutral density filters

Aulomacolor-L-ND and XL-ND

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Aulomacolor-ND neutral density filters for colour and black-and-white photography

Depending on the characteristics of the film used, results in colour pinhole photography are sometimes disappointing. The absence of a lens allows the ultra-violet rays to impress the film, flattening the colours and emphasising the violet tones. To overcome this drawback, in colour photography one cannot play on contrast and grey tones to achieve exciting images as in black-and-white photography. To improve a pinhole colour photograph, Aulomacolor ND neutral density filters can be used. These filters in pinhole camera photographs not only block out ultraviolet rays, but also improve the tones and contrasts of the photo, resulting in sharper and warmer colour tones to the eye. This type of filter, in pinhole cameras, can also be used for black-and-white photography, with the advantage of eliminating troublesome UV rays and also lengthening exposure times without varying grey tones but only improving contrasts. Our ND filters can also be installed on digital cameras by lengthening the exposure time with related dynamic effects.

Available shade and size range of Aulomacolor-ND filters

lens filter ND4
  • Neutral density: ND4
  • Shade: Uniform
  • Material: Modified optical resin
  • Exposure compensation: 2 f/stop

Sizes Available

  • Filter Aulomacolor-L-ND: 100x100x3mm
  • Filter Aulomacolor-XL-ND: 130x170x3mm

This type of filter reduces the disturbance caused by UV radiation and evens out the colour spectrum. However, the final result depends on the type of film used. The colour shade of the filter is a uniform shade that evenly reduces the light directed onto the film by increasing the exposure time.
Aulomacolor-ND neutral density filters can be used in combination with UV filters and filters for black-and-white photography.
When used on analogue or digital cameras, Aulomacolor-ND filters can also be mounted in combination with polarising filters of other brands.

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