Filter holder Aulomacolor

Filter holder for wide angle pinhole camera

How to exploit the potential of photographic filters on pinhole cameras

Wide angle pinhole cameras need of huge photographic filters to exploit as well all potentials of this tools without limits. Auloma is the firts compamy in the world that has developed filter holders dedicated for wide angle pinhole camera, where is possible install square or rectangular filters wide at least 100mm,

Aulomacolors filter holders are very easy to use, is possible install easily on our pinhole camera through some threaded knob, in addition are developed to supply all potentiality provided by the black and white filters, especially when are applied on our wide angle cameras. Aulomacolor filter holders are featured by the system of elastic guides that allow a smooth sliding of the filter but capable of loock it automatically as soon as the filter is placed in the right position, this system has the capacity to hold until three filters togrther. Our filter holders results lightweight and rougly tools thanks to the use of our composite resins in their fabbrication.

At present, Aulomacolor filter holders are available only in XL size to be equipped with the corrispettive size filters and can be installed on our pinhole Magnificat 4x5.

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pinhole 4x5 with filter Aulomacolor-XL

Filter holders Aulomacolor-XL

Filter holders Aulomacolor-XL are developed to be installed on our large format camera Magnificat 4x5 and to allocated our photographic filters Aulomacolor-XL-BW, but can be allocated whichever photographic filter with dimensions 130x170x3mm
By its innovative design will be possible allocate until three filters together and placing their without impediment until all pinholes wont be covered. Through this system will be possible obtain all filter combinations available on the market to execute colours or black and white photos.
Filter holder side guides in addition to their function to align and lead the filters during the insertion, are an elastic stop that lock the filters, but allow a faster filter insertion holding the filter on the borders by one hand and preventing the accidental contact of your fingers on the filter surface.

Technical data

  • Made in composite resin
  • Compatible with square or rectangular filters wide 130mm and thick 3mm
  • Capability of three filters mounted together
  • No presence of vignetting free on our pinhole camera Auloma Magnificat 4x5
  • Elastic locking system to block automatically filters
  • Drilled for faster istallation on our pinhole camera Auloma Magnificat 4x5

To know all filter models compatible with our filter holder Aulomacolor-XL visit the follow page:

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