Auloma's Philosophy

The real purpose for a company to exist is to serve the society

Auloma Philosopy

The real purpose for a company is to serve the society

Auloma Holding S.r.l. is a financial company that invest in business where research and development are the main activities. This kind of activities and its all efforts are lead by our vision of future in the field of automation technologies. Our investments are focused to develop OEM devices oriented to solve some of mains paradigms as energy and production cost saving, process control and flexibility. We believe that we must work for a better life, for the benefit of society, our tycoon believed that the real purpose for a company to exist is to serve society, and that only when this is accomplished should the company earn profits and also enjoy a sustainable growth. He also believed that only companies that add value and meet social needs can earn trust and respect from society as good corporate citizens, and thus successfully continue to exist as businesses. Auloma Holding S.r.l. thinks of itself as always being an entrepreneurial company and strives to continually take on new challenges. We believe that in order to contribute to society through our business and other company activities, we must challenge ourselves to always do better and to pursue pioneering breakthroughs, without becoming complacent or afraid of failure. By capitalizing on our core competency of Force Control technology, Auloma Holding continues to promote creativity and innovation, drawing our inspiration from the potential needs of the future society that we envision. In this way, Auloma Holding strives to become a forerunner in building a society that continues to progress while maintaining a complete balance and harmonious relationship between individuals and society, between humans and the environment, and between people and machines. By addressing needs that are not yet well-recognized and future needs that can be predicted to emerge, we will be able to produce and offer products and services that help tackle social challenges, improving and enriching our lives. This is one important way that we as a company offer benefits to society. For us a benefit to society means a benefit to our customers, follow our philosophy we aim to maximize customers satisfaction based on our "quality first" policy and by offering pioneering products and services, for doing that we will continually work to enhance the quality of the products and services that we offer and will extend that concept of quality to every aspect of our work.