Perfection in pressing technology

Servo Press Quality

Perfection in pressing technology

A device used for measuring the quality in your process can't be a top quality device. Our servo presses are developed in the motor valley in Emilia Romagna Italy where companies as: Ducati ®, Dallara ®, Ferrari ®, Lamborghini ®, Maserati ®, Pagani ®, VM ®, have seat. Here skilled engineer and worker are capable of manufacturing goods that is not possible made in others locations. The skills of our personnel is visible on each Auloma Servopress. All parts arranged in our servo presses are controlled and the device is calibrated and tested in our facility and the results are issued in a certification test.

Traceability of our Servo Presses

Traceability has become a very important issue over the years. Whether it’s come about because of product misrepresentation in the industry or because customers are more intrigued; the topic of traceability is here and isn’t going anywhere.
We understand that our customer want information at their fingertips. We understand that they want to make sure they are ‘ paying for what they get ’, who doesn’t? If you order an Auloma device, it better be Auloma and not Auloni, Auroma or other fake brands. How can you be sure? The first step is making sure you’re buying servo presses from official dealer available in our web site. Auloma has built their reputation on being a company with open doors that makes information readily available and accessible to our customers. We want them to feel confident and comfortable with the purchases they make. This is why we go to great lengths to provide detailed product information, to align ourselves with trusted vendors and partner with programs across the world that connect the dots from our headquarter to end users plant.
Auloma employs high traceability standards for each of its products to know what is happening in their supply chain. Auloma working in free pass with its top supplier and upon receipt of product from them we assign a code and entered into a database. As product is pulled from inventory for an order the database can be used to see which part is being sent to each customer. Using this system, product can be traced from vendor to customer easily. Other data that is entered into the system upon receipt is transferred to a documents that include all quality cheek during the servo press manufactures. All informations are summarize in an individual code printed in a QR-label visible on the CE label. Through the QR code on them is possible have an easy access to product informations and if you sent the code at our email address info@auloma.com, Auloma sent to you the certificate of original products.

Procedure to have the quality certificate and register your warranty

As soon as the carrier consigning you the servo press, you have seven days for register your product and start the terms of warranty. Scan the QR code in the servo press label send us at sales@auloma.comthe serial number PRJ and the marking displayed by the QR code de-codification.