The warranty of reliable measuring results

Calibration Service

The warranty of reliable measuring results

As a leading supplier of servo presses and pressing system, Auloma offers an efficient calibration service. This service provide the warranty that Auloma's devices working properly during their entire service life and offer a reliable basis for precise and accurate measuring results.

Why the calibration is a good practices

Established quality guidelines necessitate regular calibration of your sensors and measuring instruments. Calibration determines the relation between the measured value and a reference value. The measuring equipment used for calibration is traceable to national measurement standards and subject to internationally harmonized quality assurance. Cheek in calibration certificates document the values measured during calibration and the conditions under which it is carried out. Use this value to verify the efficiency of your servo press. The calibration is a fundamental maintenance operation to due in intervals basically at the responsibility of the user and depends on how often the produced work-pieces are used and the extent to which they affect safety. Calibration Service in customer's plant provided by Auloma ensures force calibration can be performed on the spot with minimum downtime – whether this is in production, development or the test facility.

Before and After Purchase

Our portfolio of services is at your disposal from the day you make the first contact. Long before you even think about buying a servo press we provide essential support in the form of advice, engineering and test measurements. A wealth of services, from simple hotline inquiries to comprehensive maintenance agreements, is also opened up after purchase if you decide to choose one of our proposal for calibration and maintenance

In Our Place or Yours

We provide our services at the point of need. On your premises or your customer's site, in one of our Training Centers, or in one of our production facilities – whatever makes sense as the most efficient option for you.

Test Equipment

Auloma provides a calibration set to verify the efficency of the servo press. The kit is composed by:

  • Reference sensor
  • Analysis unit for reference sensor with display and other functions for reference sensor maintenance
  • Interface cable
  • Factory calibration report or by third part as Kiwa Cermet or Qrics ISO 17025 certifications (extra charge)