System integrator affiliation

Affiliation campaign to recruit partners

Auloma system partner recruitment

Auloma launch an affiliation campaign to recruit partners as system integrators in India

Auloma Official System Partner - The insurance of specialist with a strong know-how

With Auloma System Partner you can obtain only an excellent result. A first-rate knowledge in own industrial sector combined with quality devices and the strong skills of a Global Player as Auloma. A winner combination as advantage of our customers.

A complete job team. This is our big advantage

The most important Auloma's Goal is the satisfaction of the final customers. To obtain that, our company impose abysmal principle on partner quality standard both in competence and in service. This for give the certainty that only the best integrators are selected as Auloma Official System Partner.

Auloma Official System Partner Program

What Distinguish the Auloma Brand

Auloma in Italy has been the pioneer in the development of electromechanical servo presses and continuing its commitment in technological research and to promote new products to preserve its leadership. The main features of our product is the high precision and the quality manufacture. These features can be find in all our products range, standard and tailor made.

Expectation and Goals

  • An excellent knowledge in the production of automatic assembly system match the quality and the skills of a servo presses and process monitoring producers. Result: Know-how exchange and knowledge growth
  • Auloma + its Official System Partners: are a guarantee to have advanced tailor made solutions in production and quality standards growth.

Main features to classify our Official System Partners:

  • Elevate Know-How in industrial automation with specific competence.
  • Loyalty in Auloma brand.
  • Competence in Auloma products technology.

Auloma Holding S.r.l. commercialize actively the denomination "Auloma Official System Partner" as synonymous of quality brand. Auloma Holding S.r.l. is engaged to guarantee the best quality standard as base to have a lasting global partnership and to customers satisfaction.

Auloma supply to all "Auloma Official System Partner"the follow support in sector as Sales, Production, Marketing, After Sales, Background and communication.

  • Certification "Auloma Official System Partner".
  • Auloma holding S.r.l. support in sales operations
  • Preferential price in Auloma products and in training course.
  • Refresh courses on our products at our head-quarter
  • Preferential delivery of Auloma products according sales prevision.
  • CD-room catalogues for marketing
  • Insertion of the integrators in the contacts page of Auloma's web site