Auloma's Customers

Auloma provide its knowledge in press fit to several industries

Auloma's Customers

Our confidentiality

The core business of Auloma consist in production of OEM devices for industrial automation. Our solutions are focused in applications to enhance the process capability and quality standards. The exchange of knowledge and skills through our company and our costumers became a strategical action to obtain the targeted goals. For this reason confidentiality is one of our main characteristic. For Auloma safeguard the informations exchanged with its customers is an obligation. Our Founder believe that a method to measure the professionalism of a company it is cheek its level of confidentiality. If an users choose Auloma as his partner, him could be sure of working together a serious company that doesn't reveal to the other his know-how. Auloma is known in the world for its capability to develop servo presses tailor made and as the tailors in Savile Row in London we don't reveal any informations about our customers. Our level of confidentiality is very high, in fact in our web site is not possible find any logo or link of our customers. For us the confidentiality is a serious thing.

If you don't believe us ask to our main customer about our confidentiality

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