Two Columns Frame

For narrow working area

Two columns frame regular

Model Thrust max. Download
A-200-0300 30 kN data sheet
A-200-0500 50 kN data sheet
A-200-0700 70 kN data sheet
A-200-1000 100 kN data sheet
A-200-1500 150 kN data sheet
A-200-2000 200 kN data sheet
A-200-2200 222 kN data sheet

Two columns frame large

Model Thrust max. Download
A-500-0300 30 kN data sheet
A-500-0500 50 kN data sheet
A-500-0700 70 kN data sheet
A-500-1000 100 kN data sheet
A-500-1500 150 kN data sheet
A-500-2000 200 kN data sheet
A-500-2200 222 kN data sheet

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Two Columns Frame

Robust Frame with a narrow working area

Two columns frames are used in all applications where is necessary guarantee an extreme stiffness and a perfect alignment among press spindle and tools. The advantage of the use of two columns frames is a robust structure with a narrow footprint. This kind of frame is usually utilised in assembling operations or metal forming such us stamping, pressing, coining and more. Two plates, upper and lower, are made in carbon steel C45 in normalized condition, the surfaces is grind with a grade of roughness of 0,6. The lateral two columns are made in case hardening steel 18NiCrMo5 and the surface after case hardening and quenching reach an hardness of 60/62 HRC, further this, two columns are finished by grind and subsequently lapped. The two columns frame own a perfect distribution of thrust load and without significant deformations. The two columns frame is particularly suitable for application that need a narrow Working area (bead area).

two columns frame

Two columns frame is particularly suitable for application that need a narrow working area (bead area)