Auloma's Activities

Production of electromechanical OEM, process monitoring and engineering service

Auloma Holding is a limited company establish in 2010 head-quartered in San Pietro in Casale, a small town in Bologna north country side. Auloma share its effort to draw thre brands:

  • Auloma OEM
  • Auloma Gardening
  • Auloma Biological Seeds

Auloma OEM

The core business of Auloma Holding consist in production of electromechanical OEM and software developed to improve the processes quality. Our brand Auloma is known for the production of servo presses with process monitoring, but today our products range include also hydraulic press, toggle press, tapping unit and heavy duty actuators. The growth of our company hasn't change our philosophy, we are ever the company capable of supply products with high quality standards and also tailor made.

Auloma Gardening

Auloma Gardening want became one of the major European groups operating in the sector of tools and materials for gardening. Its core business focuses on two business sectors: special tools and materials for gardening professionals and hobbysts.

Auloma Biological Seeds

Auloma Biological Seeds is a brand that want became a prime Italian e-commerce marketplace operating in the biological seeds sector. The mission of the branch is to offer a selection of biological seeds for professional and consumers. The e-commerce platform managed by Auloma supply high quality of biological seeds to produce vegetables safe for human consumption and give top priority to customers needs and requirements.

Auloma Holding Activities

We share our efforts in three branches, OEM, gardening tool and seeds