Auloma Panorama 6x12 with indipendent roll film back

Format 6x12 is one of the best photo format capable to supply amazing shot with a sharp definition. Auloma has developed Panorama 6x12, a pinhole camera with a focal lenght of 70mm to provide the optimum sharpness possible for photogram of 60x120mm.

The camera is composed in two parts: the roll film back and the camera frame, this solution leave independent the roll film back with both side free to help you during the film load operation in unrolling between the spools. The film plane is integrated in the roll film back with a curved shape to eliminate zone bad exposed on the photogram.

Panorma own an innovative design and is made in our composite resin that blands graphyte and polyuterane to provide a reliable camera body and to reduce the friction between the sliding parts. Auloma Panorama is very tough, in fact doesn't suffer about evironmental attack such as hot, cold, rain, mud and can be handle with low care. This capability to resist to thermal expansion avoid light lackage and other defects that suffer the common wooden pinhole camera.

Auloma Panorama 6x12 is a wide angle pinhole camera, developed with a focal lenght of 70mm and is available with two pinholes to find the best horizon position. Panorama can be assembled on the tripod horizontal or vertically trough two threaded holes to find the best framing.

Optional is available a filter holder with the capability to store three filters square 100x100mm thickness 1.6mm

In addition the technical features, Auloma doesn't neglect the estetic issue. Also Panorama 6x12 follow the Auloma dictat about the style, the pinhole camera, further the typical fiber carbon texture on the roll film back, has the camera body coulored in a brilliant metallic red.

Panorama will be available soon on our online store, in the meantime follow us on social to know more about Panorama 6x12.