Auloma Magnificat 4x5" when the tradition meet the innovation

If you need of amazing shots from a pinhole camera, you must try our large format Auloma Magnificat 4x5".

Magnificat combine the traditional design of large format pinhole camera with innovative material as our composite resin that melts graphyte and polyuterane to provide a reliable camera body. Auloma Magnificat doesn't suffer about evironmental attack such as hot, cold, rain, mud and can be handle with low care. This robustnes avoid light lackage and other defects tipically of the common wooden pinhole camera.

Magnificat 4x5" is a wide angle pinhole camera, developed with a focal lenght of 70mm but if is mecessary it is possible expand the focal lenght until 110mm or 150mm using the dedicated expansions available as optional. Magnificat is equipped with three pinholes to find the best horizon position respect the film. The three pinholes are located in the camera to waranty the best framing in both positions where is possible mount the camera on the tripod, horizontally or vertically.

The back of our 4x5" pinhole camera is designed to mount any brand of film holder thanks to the precise slot that copy perfectly the film holder shape, the composite material which is made the camera can guaranty stable slot dimensions.

Optional is available a filter holder with the capability to store three filters square 100x100mm thickness 1.6mm

In addition the technical features, Auloma doesn't neglect the estetic issue. Also Magnificat 4x5" follow the Auloma style, the body camera is embellished by crocodile eco-lether, to have ever something of unique and to preserve your camera.

Attaphoto Magnificat will be available soon on our online store, in the meantime follow us on social to know more about Magnificat 4x5".