Auloma Magnificat 4x5" when tradition meet innovation

The pinhole camera 4x5 Magnificat is an innovative camera, reliable and manufactured to resist over the time.

Its modular design makes it a very flexible device capable to satisfy all needs of all kinds of photographers, professionals or amateurs, that love use large format 4x5.

The pinhole camera 4x5 Magnificat allow of mastering easily all kind of use in studio or outside, thanks to its modular concept trough few simplw operations it is possible extend the focal length, futhermore is possible also install until three filters inside the filter holder.

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Pinhole Magnificat 4x5 the professional device for photographers

The pinhole photography perfection

Pinhole Magnificat 4x5 design and innovative technologies

Made in hi-tech materials

As Auloma tradition the pinhole camera 4x5 Magnificat is made in hi-tech material, a special resin with addiction of oxid iron nano particles. The use of this resin makes the camera an object robust and durable. The camera body is a single shell obtained by molding, impenetrable from light and doesn't suffer about enviroment variations (temperature, moisture, etc.). Our resin doesn't age and the single camera parts aren't glued as the wooden cameras, for this reason our camera Magnificat doesn't require special mintenance.

Compatability with film holder 4x5 standard

Auloma Magnificat works with standard film holder 4x5 such as Toyo®, Fidelity®, Polaroid® or other brands compatibles. The film holder seat is obtained with extreme precision from the mold and matching the film holder shape perfectly to avoid light leakage.

Twin tripod connection to shot in portrait or landscape formats

Auloma Magnificat 4x5 is developed to provide the maximum creativity freedom to all photographers, such as the possibility to install the pinhole camera on the tripod to shot in portrait or landscape format. This is possible through two 1/4 UNC threaded holes executed on a layer coated with an high grip material, this solution lock in safety the pinhole camera on the tripod.

Camera equipped with three pinholes

The Magnificat 4x5 camera is equipped with three pinholes, one located in the camera center and in addition other two to reduce the curving effect that affect the wide angle photography. In both install positions (portrait or landscape) available, the photographer can use one of the two additional holes positioned above the central hole to reduce the curving effect on the horizon line on the picture.

Filter holder with a capability to hold three filters

The pinhole camera Magnificat is studied to install the filter holder XL trough three threaded knobs. The filter holder is made in the same material used to made the camera. The filter holder Xl hold whichever filter wide 130mm with a thickness of 3mm such as our Aulomacolor XL Filters. The dimensions of our filters Aulomacolor XL warranty the covering of all three pinholes available on the camera and avoid any vignettatures. Thanks to the special elastic seats of our filter holder, the insertion of the filters will be an immediate gesture, will be enough sliding the filters inside the seat and positioning above pinholes. Through our filters Aulomacolor Xl-BW will be possible execute black and white photos with tone and contrast emphasized.

Shutters opening from only one side.

The pinhole camera Magnificat own an innovative system to open pinholes, this because the photographer must be free without obstacles when open the shutters also when the filter holder is mounted. Our wide filters, are the best choice to shooting wide angle photos and cover three pinholes simultaneously , to allow this solution we was forced to invent shutters that can be opened in only one side. Thanks to our invention, a selector can select in a shutter which pinhole will be used to shooting your photo.

System to determinate the framing.

To aid the photographers to determinate the framing, the pinhole camera Magnificat 4x5 own spherical viewfinders of different colours. When this viewfindera are conveniently aligned, the photographer can define the framing. The viewfinder are of different colours to identify the framing in function of the pinhole selected.


Pinhole Magnificat 4x5. Back View
Pinhole Magnificat 4x5. Bottom View
Pinhole Magnificat 4x5. Front View
Pinhole Magnificat 4x5. Left View
Pinhole Magnificat 4x5. Right View
Pinhole Magnificat 4x5. Top View

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