Murgese and Lipizzana, two leather camera straps, cut and sewn by hand to supply at wichever photographer elegance, comfort and safety.

Auloma knows well cameras and knows the real photographers exigences, professionals and amateurs. The neck strap is a fundamental acessories for the photograper, this because if isn't confortable become a terrible torture tool.

Thanks to a knowledge based on many hours spent on photo features, we know what your neck pretends when you apply a camera. To supply you the best we have designed Murgese and Lipizzana, two camera strap models that join the leather comfort with the polypropilene robustness. The leather use is a forced choice, because is a meterial of the same nature of your neck.

As a soft hug, the leather which are made Murgese and Lipizzana will cover your neck to give you a wellness sense.

Adjustable Neck Camera Straps

Auloma Synonimous of Elegance and Safety

Murgese and Lipizzana the elegance and robustness thanks to the use of high quality materials

Use of vegetable-tanned cowhide

Auloma headquarter is placed in the heart of Emilia Romagna, a country that own a centuries-old tradition of leather goods manufactured with vegetable-tanned cowhide. This tradition is one of the features that distinguish our brand Auloma Leather, to manufacture our leather camera straps are used mainly italian leathers obtained by vegetable-tanned process, leathers obtained by chrome-tanned process are used only for estetichal details or external parts not in contact with user skin. Vegetable-tanning is a natural treatment, old of milleniums, that accompany human genre along its history, this tratment need of time and skill, but the final rsult obtained are high quality leathers.

Leathers coloured by old natural processes

Faithfuls at our traditions, our neck camera straps are featured about colours obtained mainly by natural processes. In our territory survived processes to colouring the leathers old of millenians based on the alteration of leathers tannins. The colours obtained aren't a painting, but an ethernal alteration of leather color. A camera strap made by Auloma Leathercan't lost the color, also in case of rain or sweat.

Leather softened and polished by bees wax

An Auloma Leather camera strap doesn't need brand impressed by fire or punches, this because is pleasing to the touch and you can identify only by this. Our softening and polishing treatments, obtained by our recipes of vegetable oils and bees wax moistures, provide at our camera straps a unique soften and shininess. This treatment feed the leathers used to obtain our fabulous camera straps, the waxes used are absorbed inside the strap don't staining you for contact. Our mixture maintain the camera strap soft for a long time and avoid cracks on the strap surface. A regular treatment of your camera strap after several years of use, provide an ethernal softness and avoid cracks on the leather.

Leather and polypropylene belt stitched together to provide an high resistence

The genuine leather vegetable-tanned is very resistant against tensile strenght. This material is used to made reins, belts, harnesses and other acessories that often must preserve the human life. But us of AULOMA LEATHER however don't be settled to supply the traditional leather neck camera strap, we want surprising our customers with products that join the tradition with innovation. Using our neck camera strap your camera will be hanged with the maximum safety on a shell composed by two leather layers that contain an high resistance polypropilene belt. To increase the camera strap resistance we use high resistance polypropylene strands to stitch together the shell, in this way the camera strap become a reliable and indestructible good where hanging with safety your camera, to insurance it against accidental rips or any attempth of thief.

Traditional method by hand to execute all stitches

All AULOMA LEATHER's camera straps are stitched by hands, this means that we don't use the sewing machine, but we use the traditional method by punch and needle, this because our camera strap are an artisan craftwork. The stitching executed by hands with the aid of punch and needle warrant a perfect sticth of the camera strap, this because each stitch is tested by the sew master during the stitching process. This kind of stitching in addition avoid that the camera strap can unsewing completelly as could be happen with a strap stitched by a sewing machine, our traditional stitching allow only short unsewing that can be reapaired by whichever cobbler or by our artisans, in this way your camera strap become an ethernal good.

Adjustable neck camera strap accessorized to fit persons and cameras

AULOMA LEATHER's peoples worked hard to create some neck camera straps suitable to all people height and to all kind of camera couplings. All our neck camera straps own a system to adjust the its length trough two plastic buckles, in this way you can adjust your camera to fit your feel as well. To complete the supply, the camera strap is supplied with four elastic rings, two circular and two triangular to link almost all cameras, new and vintage, available on the market. To avoid scratch on camera the elastic rings are protected by two leather pads. In Our camera straps, excluse elastic rings, don't own any metallic parts such as studs, buckles or screws, this because metallic parts could scratch your camera especially when is stored in a lagguage.

Lipizzana, the wide neck camera strap adjustable

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Murgese, the narrow neck camera strap adjustable

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