Refined neck camera straps cut and sewn by hand

Auloma through its brand "AULOMA LEATHER" manufactures refined leather camera straps.

The leather goods are completely hand made, included all seams that have also a structural function. Our seams are executed with an high level of skill and the polyester thread used provide an high tensile strengh, to safe your camera from accidental rip such as during a snatching. This capability to resist to heavy load doesn't reduce the comfort and the flexibility.

The ultra soft cowhide used to manufacturer our neck camera straps, suiting perfectly the shape of your neck, so much so that you forget the strap, this also in summer time, when hot and wet sometime make intolerable wear anything around the neck. For people allergic to chrome-tanned leathers, we remind you that all leathers we use are obtained by vegetable tanning.

Our neck camera strap will be available soon in our e-shop.