Auloma, high quality products handcrafted in Italy

Auloma produces leather camera straps for all kinds of camera, leather accesories and pinhole cameras. All our products are manufactured according our quality standards where all parts and all process still anchored to craftmaship Italian tradition.

Our philosophy is manufacturing goods where beauty, reliability and technology are mixed together to provide unique good for our customers. We take care to select only the best quality raw material, because this is the first step to obtain high quality products and each day our efforts are oriented to create icons over all season.

Camera Straps

Leather camera straps handmade

The best Italian leather straps for all kinds of camera

Leather camera straps, how to combine beauty with safety.

In Auloma's D.N.A. you can find the charcter of the Italian stile that join items such as beauty, innovative design, technology, reliability and craftmanship. All camera straps are handmade included all seam to provide goods very tough capable to resist at all stress possible. Our camera strap are made in ultra soft Italian cowhide, obtained by vegetal tanning and coloured by old and natural process.
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Pinhole Cameras For Every Need

When a shot becomes an art object

The most exaltation of analogue photography

Pinhole developed for maximum creative freedom

Auloma proposes a range of cameras for different photographic sets: landscapes, portraiture, wide-angle and other artistic situations, thanks to cameras with different focal measures dimensioned for a specific use.
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Attaphoto is the web site developed by Auloma to sell its products directly to all customers that love our pinhole cameras or our camera straps. Attaphoto uses PayPal to execute payment procedure in safety and in case you aren't satisfied, the return back is guarantee.
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