Pinhole day, blossom spring macro shots executed by pinhole Curva-45

By Laz Mar

Pinhole Camera Auloma Attaphoto Curva-45

The 28th of April 2019 was celebrated the world day of pinhole photography. The event is organized to promote pinhole photography around the world, anyone can participate in the event using DIY or commercial cameras, such as our Auloma Attaphoto Curva-45.

The event consists of taking at least one pinhole photo during the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and posting it on the website We could not defect the event and we took the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to perform fantastic macros and close-ups of small flowers with our pinhole CURVA-45.

White narcisus/shot by Curva-45

For this photographic set, we used a Kodak Color plus200 135 film roll, an ISO200 with good performances with fast expositions according the low brightness sun in that day.

For each picture we used three different exposure times: one, three and six seconds, this to capture different contrasts on the flowers.

At the end the best results were obtained with the fast exposures of one and three seconds, the colors of the pictures in this case were amazing. For example the pictures exposed one second own a blue tone provided by the ultraviolet very nice.

iris/shot by Curva-45

Pinhole day was for us an occasion to show how the pinhole camera Auloma Attaphoto Curva-45 is capable to execute macro shots, thanks to focal lenght of 46 mm the pictures obtained don't suffer about any distorsion, this feature provide well defined macro pictures.

Executing flowers macro shots, needs of particular skills and all photographers wants a reliable camera to support them during their photographic sets and our Curva-45 is the best pinhole to do that.

white narcisus/shot by Curva-45

We was very luky, the pinhole day also this year was celebrated in spring when it is easy shooting blossrom everywhere.

pink orchid/shot by Curva-45

The blossrom pictures shooted during the pinhole day was shared in our social channel facebook, instagram and flikr and our followers have appreciated the capability of our pinhole Auloma Attaphoto Curva-45 to execute close-up

If you want test yourself to shot close-up with a pinhole camera in a new way, Auloma by its Attaphoto Curva-45 can supply the right device to do that.