Pinhole Curva-45, an Icon, not a simple camera

By Laz Mar

Pinhole Camera Curva-45 by Auloma

Enhance an icon of style is ever a complex operation. Many companies avoid any upgrade to improve its best sellers, but this isn't our phylosophy, for us all things can be improved. Thus, our first questions was, how we can improve the design of our Curva-45?

The pinhole Curva-45 isn't like the usual wooden pinhole cameras, is a pinhole for 135 film format with a lot of technical solutions, in fact our camera is almost similar to an oldanalog camera

Curva-45 the first design

This won't be the first restyling, who don't remember the 1st Curva-45 without leather wrapping, total black thanks its parts in shined resin.

The 1st restyling was for Curva-45 the step to own a soul to became an icon of style.

The final result was a succes and our product Curva-45 has become an object of desire for many pinhole collectors

Curva-45 after the 1st restyling

We wanted add at our pinhole Curva-45 a sign capable of explain at first glance the technological identity of our product

Sport cars identify technology innovations in the collective immagination. In the 1st restiling we used the coloured leather such as in the sport cars to wrap part of our camera. This was mainly an exercise of style, the black resin combined with the coluored leather recall the sportiv car elegance and not its technology.

The way was already traced

Curva-45 after the 2nd restyling

Carbon fiber rapresent one of the main advanced material used in sports cars

The carbon fiber pattern was the right sign to express the hi-tech features that Curva-45 own and match very well the warmth effect of the coloured leather

Thanks to the carbon fiber pattern we have reach our goal and the responses of our customers are positive

The new Curva-45

Auloma reached a new pinnacle through this last restyling: The Curva-45, featuring precise mechanical movements to allow a perfect winding of the perforated film and perform a picture each 40mm of the film loded in the camera.

In 2019 Auloma launched the Curva-45 another genuine milestone in the history of pinhole camera.