Silica gel

Different size of bags ready to preserve devices and equipments against oxidation

Silica gel is a material capable to absorb fast the water, it's a good product used as desiccant and for moisture absorbtion, this capacity to provide dehumidifying properties happen mainly through the porosity of the spheres. Silica gel can be easily regenerating if heated to a temperature of 120°C, this kind of operation can be executed only if the product is packed into a bag compatible with this temperature or bulk. As known the moisture can damage electronic components and can be an accelerator for chemical decomposition. Thanks to the use of the silica gel the goods attacked by moisture can be preserved for a long time without oxidation damages. Further the preservation of the materials, silica gel can be used to enhance or maintain an high performance level of equipments. A typical example of performances lost that occur in moisture environment are the data transmission by satellite or by radio, the silical gel in this case can be used to mantain low the relative humidity (RH) inside the waveguide applied in a satellite or radio transmission system. Excessive quantity of moisture inside a transmission waveguide for example, could be cause of arcing inside itself, thus cause of power amplifier damages by overload. Further, water drops created by condensation inside the waveguide changing the characteristic impedance and frequency of the device, that degrade the signal transmission. Another silica gel industrial use is the air desiccation in systems of air compressed feeding. In this case it is useful put a tank full of silica gel pearls, close the compressor air output. The air flow passing through the silica gel pearls, these absorb the air moisture, this practices warrant the intake of dry air in the circuit to avoid damages for oxidation in the parts involved. Obviously the use of this versatile material doesn't know limits, only your fantasy can limits its applications, silica gel used in tools or spare parts container, saving your goods from oxidation damages, in the same way, silica gel is an excellent barrier against the moisture if putted inside container or delivery box. The silica gel is available in useful bags in different sizes.

silica gel bag

Silica gel bags

Silica Gel

Desiccant for moisture absorption