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Range of Standard Frames Available

two columns frame

Frame Two Columns
Capacity until 200kN
Working Area min.294x272mm
Working Area max.396x370mm

process monitoring apm-si

Frame Four Columns
Capacity until 200kN
Working Area min.296x296mm
Working Area max.596x596mm

silica gel

Silica gel
Bag min 1g
Bag max 2g

Auloma Frames for Presses, symmetrical and robust structure


A symmetrical and robust frame are the main requirements to have a perfect result in pressing operations. Cheek in our range of products if our working area (bed area) match your working exigences. Our modular frame are easy to install in machine layout and interfacing our servo press models. The Auloma's frames have a short delivery time.

Silica Gel


Electrical cabinets used in environment with moisture, such as tropical environment, through the cooling fan can be the cause of air condensed and to retain residual moisture, thus can be cause of oxidation of the components installed inside the cabinet. The oxidation in electrical parts means lost of performances, for example a wire oxidated has more impedance than a wire without oxid, systems to measure force as force transducers use the variation of the wisteon bridge impedence to detect the force variation, variation of impedence caused by oxidation of the amplifier connections provide false force values. An usefull and cheaper solution to reduce moisture effects inside the electrical cabinet is the use of silica gel bags.


Accessories for servo press