Servo Press and pressing process monitoring

Auloma Holding S.r.l.

Original Italian producers of servo presses with pressing monitoring for industrial processes

Auloma is the main Italian manufacturer of servo press with pressing monitoring integrated for assembling press fit, metal forming and others industrial applications. In our range of products you can find servo presses for micro mechanic application until presses for heavy duties of 300 kN. All our devices could be equipped with our process monitoring system to analyse in run industrial processes such us : press fit, joining and crimping and more. Auloma devices can satisfy the exigences of many machine integrator and many industries. The high quality of our Servo Press Modules depend by many elements such as top level of components used, a robust and stiffness structure, an accurate force quality control, obtained by the use of precise force sensors. Skills and Knowledge makes Auloma Holding S.r.l a partner capable to offer advanced solutions in process monitoring devices applicable in many industrial fields to obtain a production with zero defects. All our devices are developed to provide the right benchmark to enhance your Six Sigma curve and to respect the ISO TS 16949. This is the new frontiers of industrial automation....

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Auloma Gardening

E-Commerce platform for gardening marketplace

Auloma Holding’ integrated global gardening and consumer group leverages its franchise position in a new e-commerce project developed for gardening tools and materials, our expertise in consumer products and services, and our understanding of the growing convergence between sectors such us e-commerce and consumers, involve us in this new challange. With our unparalleled network of industry relationships, global sector expertise and deep local knowledge, we have been a leading private equity firm in automation and consumer industries throughout our history. We remain committed to the approach that has enabled us to discover and nurture high-quality management teams and invest in companies that have compelling value propositions. The gardening tools and material for gardening is one of new Auloma's assets. Through its new e-commerce platform Auloma want increase its business area with focused investments in the next years.

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Auloma Biological Seeds

E-Commerce platform for biological seeds

The biological seed market has a significant impact on agriculture production. Biological seed is gaining better response compared to other agrochemical inputs. With regulatory ban on genetically modified seeds for cultivation in agriculturally important nations such as China and India, seed treatment has turned out as an important platform for the utilization of advanced plant biotechnology. Bio-control agents such as bacteria (mostly Pseudomonas and Bacillus species) and fungi (Trichoderma and Ectomycorrhizae species) have been of significant importance in the protection of the seeds from pathogens. With the rising adoption of integrated pest management (IPM) practices, the application of biological seed treatment dispenses necessary control over pests and pesticide utilization and thereby limiting the risks to the human health and the environment. The food safety for us and future generations involve Auloma Holding to develop an e-commerce platform to help small farms and consumers to cultivate biological vegetables.

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Servo Press Machine For Valve Seat

valve seat machine
Servo press for valve seat

Auloma Holding S.r.l. has developed a servo press dedicated for the seat and valve guide insertion. The servo press are developed for Bajaj Auto the main motorbike producers in the world.“Bajaj has find in Auloma, further a partner capable to develop a project tailor made, a source of knowledge in engine assembling by automated process“ said Auloma Founder and CEO Lazzaro Marsilla. The servo presses developed for Bajaj are used for the insertion of the valve guide and the valve seat in the single cylinder engine. “Also in this project Auloma has demonstrated his capability of problem solving. One of the main Bajaj inquiry was an extreme alignment of the servo press ram with the bored holes in the head's engine. The servo press developed can guarantee a perfect alignment thanks to the reduced backlash between the ram guide and the preloaded anti-twist ram.“ Said Mr. Marsilla.The restrictive tolerance used to fit the valve seat has required a very stiffness ram spindle. To enhance the ram position under the compressive strength, all components was be verified by FEM. To be more precise in ram positioning, Auloma has eliminated any influence procured by the force sensor deflection. Thanks to the FEM .....

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Servo Press P5124

servo press

In many application, control Force and Displacement has a direct impact on product quality. When press fit a seat valve in an engine head, for example, insertion force and displacement must be controlled very precisely. The first step to have a superlative servo press control consist in a stiffness servo press. The heart of Auloma's P5 servo press is the preloaded ball screw with an high dynamic load capability. Have a stiffness press means a precise force measurement without dispersion for weakness. More your press will be stiffness, more the Force sensor will be capable to measure a small force variation. The ball screw preloaded give at our P5 servo presses another advantage, the nut hasn't any axial backlash and allow precise ram position. Our P5 servo presses can provide ram's precise absolute position and not only a value of repeatability as many our competitors........

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Servo Press

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Press fit applications and metal forming.